January 2001 Issue

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Chiropractic Success Stories Wanted

If you have not done so already, check out our newest Internet resource, www.chiropractictestimonials.com This new site is designed to be an online storehouse for the success stories in chiropractic.  We are asking every chiropractor who reads this to help contribute to this site. The world needs to have a place to see our success stories, so we are offering this site for that purpose.

We urge every chiropractic office to collect their success stories, and submit them to this new site.  We have placed instructions on the site for submission of testimonials.  The world needs to know about chiropractic, and this is one way we can all help spread the message.

Once the site begins to fill up, we will be making links to this site available to all our Now You Know web site subscribers as well as ALL chiropractic web sites regardless of who hosts them.  Spreading the message of chiropractic is paramount here and we want every chiropractic web site to help us spread the message of how chiropractic has helped millions.


Internet to the Max - Using It In Your Office

One of the questions I frequently get from chiropractors is, "Why do I really need the Internet in my office?"  To answer this I've prepared the following to explain how I actually use it in my office.

A new patient calls my office for an appointment.  They are given our web address and directed to our Now You Know web site for both driving directions and to open a "Your First Visit" page that will give the new patient step by step instructions of what will happen on their first visit.  They are also instructed to download, print and fill out our office forms from our web site so they can fill them out before even entering our office. When the new patient walks into our office, they already know what to expect, and they have all the needed forms already filled out.  After they complete their first visit they return home to find an Echiropractic email from us thanking them for the trust they have placed in our office.  Additionally, the person who referred them to us receives and Echiropractic email that day thanking them for the referral.

The next day that new patient returns for their report of findings.  Along with a report, they are given some written materials that direct them back to specific pages on our Now You Know web site for further information on subluxation and a more detailed explanation.  In subsequent days and weeks they get other Echiropractic emails from us on any of up to 50 topics and office situations.  Every month they will get a Now You Know email newsletter that deals with current issues in chiropractic and health care.  When they refer in their friends to become new patients, they will also get an Echiropractic email thanking them for the kind gesture.  On their birthday, they receive an Echiropractic  Happy Birthday email from my office.  When the patient wants to tell others about our office, they will direct them to our Now You Know web site to view over 200 pages of articles and information on a wide variety of health care and chiropractic subjects. 

As you can see, using the Internet is a regular and efficient part of my clinic office procedure.  The Internet, along with the services of Now You Know and Echiropractic, give us the tools to continually keep in touch and educate our patients.  Using the Internet to the Max, will help you get to where you want to be.


Consumers Usage of the Internet for Health Care Issues

The following statistics come from the Pew Internet & American Life Project online life report of NOVEMBER 26, 2000. This extensive survey speaks for itself on the need to be involved with the Internet for patient education and your practice.

From the above numbers, it becomes obvious that having a presence on the web is an absolute necessity for your practice and for the chiropractic profession.


Computers, Doctors, and Toilet Training

The above is an interesting title of an article from the December 11, 2000.  Medscape General Medicine online magazine. This article covers the similarities between potty training of a young child and training of doctors to use the Internet in their office.  This humorous, yet serious comparison does make many good points.  

In describing the difficulties of potty training and comparing it to the hesitancy of using the Internet the author states, "Fear, however, often plays a major role: fear of failure, fear of how this is going to change their role in society, fear of disappointing others, or fear of the toilet (or Internet) itself can derail the process. Potty training tends to come at a stage when children's fears are most intense; adopting the Internet comes at a stage of great uncertainty for the medical profession."

The author states that toddlers eventually learn to be potty trained.  He also believes that doctors as well will get trained and begin to use the Internet to its fullest.  He states, "From my vantage point, I'm struck by the similarities between physicians' adoption of the Internet and toddlers' adoption of the toilet. Some are simply afraid to learn a new procedure; others are reluctant to part with their beloved offline solutions (diapers). And some simply refuse to change their "workflow" (which for toddlers is all-important play)."

Wuss Up? - Programs You Should Check Out

Join Dr. Jim Dubel and the entire New Beginnings team on January 25- 28, 2001 where Dr. Harman and I will also be speaking on chiropractic philosophy.  We will have a booth with the free "My Mission" posters. Location; Sheraton Hotel Eatontown, New Jersey.  New Beginnings: 732-747-4646 www.newbeginningschiro.com 

Dr Robert Schiffman presents his program, "Get The Big Idea Seminar"  learn the secrets to "Volume by Inspiration rather than Volume by Perspiration".  "Dr. Rob" has the largest solo practice in North America seeing between 1700 and 2400 patients per week!  Program is Saturday, February 10, 2001 at the Indianapolis Airport Holiday Inn. You can get more details and register on their web site at www.getthebigidea.com.

On Saturday, February 3rd, 2001, Dr. James Sigafoose will hold a one day intensive philosophy / practice seminar, along with Dr. Kevin Jackson, who's office sees 1200 visits + per week. Dr. Kevin will cover the practical information to help build your practice, and increase the number of new patients. Dr. Sigafoose will give you the procedure to keep your patients for long term corrective care. It promises to be a great day for all.  Check it out at www.planetchiropractic.com or call them at (800) 331-6930.


Now You Know Update

Now You Know has grown significantly over the past year.  As we start 2001, I felt it might be interesting to list the growing variety of services we now offer.  NYK started just over two years ago offering an email newsletter sent directly to patients.  We now have grown to the largest supplier of Internet services to the profession.  But that is not all we do.  Review the list below to see the variety of products and services we offer.

Now You Know Web Site Design and Hosting: Our combination of features, updates, message quality and quantity of content has made Now You Know the largest provider of Internet services to the chiropractic profession.

Now You Know Email Newsletter Service: Current hard-hitting articles on health and chiropractic issues delivered directly to the patients inbox has made our newsletter service unsurpassed in chiropractic.  See why hundreds of office agree!

Echiropractic:  We push the technology window to the limit with online chiropractic pamphlets, cards and office letters for you to use.  An entire year of unlimited usage for a very reasonable fee.  See what everyone else is talking about by visiting www.echiropractic.net

NYK Patient Lecture Presentation: Use hi-tech graphics and dazzling images to teach your patients about chiropractic and your office. Now You Know offers the most graphically impressive patient lecture available in chiropractic. Available in 35mm slides with an audio tape of the presentation.

NYK Full Spine X-ray Filtration System: Do you take full spine x-rays? Would you like to? Learn how to take full spine x-rays affordably and easily without split screens of 14 x 36 film. Visit www.nowyouknow.net to find out more.

NYK Custom Posters: Why buy generic posters when you can have your picture and your words displaying for your patients. Especially valuable for offices with front window exposure! Only $49.95 each. Visit www.nowyouknow.net to find out more.

NYK Free Services and Web Sites: On our web site, www.nowyouknow.net , you will find a link to this page containing free stuff and links to Free Stuff for chiropractors. Subscribe to free newsletters, get a free poster, send for a free CD-Rom, download free graphics, and find free resources.  If you want it and it is free check us out.

Free Classifieds:  Selling your practice, buying one? Looking for an associate, or to be an associate? Have a product or service to sell, program or seminar? Now You Know offers this free classified for the entire profession!

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