May 2001 Issue

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In This Issue

New "Flash" opening introduced for Now You Know chiropractic web sites

We have now completed our first "Flash" opening to our subscribers sites.  To see this opening please go to  Flash, is "vector graphic animation" which allows a large amount of action and sound on a website while using very little memory.  Over the coming months we will be creating other Flash openings so that our subscribers have a selection of openings for their sites.

Presently over 95% of all web browsers in use are equipped to see Flash movies.  All new browsers automatically come ready to view Flash.  Those few who are using an older browser get a message asking if they want to download a Flash player.  When they say yes the player automatically downloads and installs so they can watch the movie.  

The secret to Flash is the ability of the program to start playing the movie while it is still downloading.  In effect, viewers are watching the beginning of the Flash movie while the rest of it is still downloading. With this technology viewers do not have to wait for the entire movie to download before they get to view it.

New Site Design for Now You Know (you have got to see this!)

Sometimes we even impress ourselves.  Our new Now You Know web site ( is online and awesome!  We have changed the entire look of the site with new colors and a new navigation system.  But the most impressive part of our new web site is the "knock-your-socks-off" Flash opening. I don't want to give it away, but I recommend you turn up the speakers on your computer before you go to our site to view it.

Other features on our newly designed site include separate index pages of our Services, Products, Free Stuff, Subscriber Pages, and NYK News.  Please take some time and view this the various pages on our site as you may be surprised by the size and diversity of products and services we offer.  

Now You Know Official Internet Company of Florida Chiropractic Society

In addition to the hundreds of offices we now serve, we also handle web sites for a growing number of chiropractic organizations. The list of associations include, the Florida Chiropractic Society (, the Michigan Chiropractic Council (,  the Georgia Council of Chiropractic (, the East Tennessee Chiropractic Association (, the International Chiropractors Association of Indiana (, and the Virginia Society of Chiropractic ( )

We want to give a special thank you the Florida Chiropractic Society (FCS) for naming Now You Know as their "Official Internet Company" and featuring us with a front page story in the "Florida Chiropractic News", the official publication of the FCS that goes to every licensed DC in Florida.  It should be noted that the FCS website was the first site we added a Flash opening to. This site, as with all other association sites we handle, also contains a large consumer section with hundreds of pages of information and articles.  These articles are the same ones that appear on all of our subscriber's sites but in a slightly different format.  

Now You Know will be present at all FCS seminars this coming year. The dates and locations of these great programs can be seen on their website. 

Not Every New Gadget Helps Your Practice

States are beginning to pass laws that mandate "hands-free" cell phone usage for those who talk on their cell phone while driving.  In response many companies are now selling headsets and other devices for hands-free cell phone usage.  With most of these products you can get a functional headset or earpiece.  However with some companies the ideas are a little shallow, or offer features you may never use.  To get an idea of what we mean, check out the difference between the two hands-free devices to the right.

The same thing is true with web sites.  Not every gadget or gimmick is needed on your web site.  Some web site companies offer features that you and your patients will hardly ever use, or that require so much work from you or your staff, that you will probably never get it up and working to its full capacity.  So what features do you want on a web site?  What is useful to you, and will be looked at by your patients?

Being in both an Internet business and in a private practice, I have had the opportunity to see what my patients use as well as what other NYK subscriber's use in their practices. This gives me a unique perspective on what features you should have for your web site.  Below is a list of those things I recommend you have.

  1. Eye-catching opening and home page.  It is important to impress visitors to your web site.  However, you don't want to make it so full it is overwhelming.

  2. Pictures of yourself and your office.  People love to learn about you and your practice.  They feel more comfortable with people they are familiar with.

  3. Your office entry forms.  This is one that surprised me.  We put my office entry forms on my website so that new patients can print them out and fill them out at home before their first visit.  The new patients love this and really appreciate the time savings this offers them. It is also a great way to direct new patients to your website before actually coming in to the office.

  4. Directions or a map.  It is very helpful for new patients to have directions or a map to help them find your office.

  5. Your office hours.  Even patients who have been to you for some time often do not know your hours.  It is very convenient for them to be able to look them up.

  6. Good informational content.  You have two choices.  Your web site can either be nothing more than a phone book ad online, or it can be an online resource library for your patients. The better the health related content, the more repeat visits your patients make.

  7. Biography of the doctors.  People want to know about their doctor.  A short biography with more than just boring credentials is something patients like.

  8. Patient testimonials.  People like to read about other people.  If your state allows it, and if you have patient permission, testimonials are one of the most interesting parts of a website.

  9. Information about kids. Pictures of you adjusting children in your office really plants the seed for new patients to ultimately bring their children in to you.

Upcoming Dates

 We will be at the following locations in the near future.  Look for us and stop by to see a demonstration of our services.  And remember, the free "My Mission" poster can only be obtained at one of our booths.

May 26 - 27, 2001
Speaking & Booth
Quebec City, Canada New Beginnings
May 24 - 27, 2001
Sherman Lyceum
Sherman College
June 8-10, 2001
Speaking & Booth
ICA Annual Convention
Hyatt Reston Virginia

For an ongoing list of where we will be please go to our website and look under "Our Seminars".

Now You Know Products and Services

 NYK started just over two years ago offering an email newsletter sent directly to patients.  We now have grown to the largest supplier of Internet services to the profession.  But that is not all we do.  Review the list below to see the variety of products and services we offer.

Now You Know Web Site Design and Hosting: Our combination of features, updates, message quality and quantity of content has made Now You Know the largest provider of individual web sites to the chiropractic profession.

Now You Know Email Newsletter Service: Our newsletter is the most popular patient email newsletter in chiropractic.  We estimate that each month over 50 thousand people read these each month.  Current and hard-hitting articles on health and chiropractic issues delivered directly to the patients inbox has made our newsletter service unsurpassed in chiropractic.  See why hundreds of offices love this service!

Echiropractic:  We push the technology window to the limit with online chiropractic pamphlets, cards and office letters for you to use.  An entire year of unlimited usage for a very reasonable fee.  See what everyone else is talking about by visiting

NYK Patient Lecture Presentation: Use hi-tech graphics and dazzling images to teach your patients about chiropractic and your office. Now You Know offers the most graphically impressive patient lecture available in chiropractic. Available in 35mm slides with an audio tape of the presentation.

NYK Full Spine X-ray Filtration System: Do you take full spine x-rays? Would you like to? Learn how to take full spine x-rays affordably and easily without split screens of 14 x 36 film. Visit to find out more.

NYK Custom Posters: Why buy generic posters when you can have your picture and your words displaying for your patients. Especially valuable for offices with front window exposure! Only $49.95 each. Visit to find out more.

NYK Free Services and Web Sites: On our web site, , you will find a link to this page containing free stuff and links to Free Stuff for chiropractors. Subscribe to free newsletters, get a free poster, send for a free CD-Rom, download free graphics, and find free resources.  If you want it and it is free check us out.

Free Classifieds:  Selling your practice, buying one? Looking for an associate, or to be an associate? Have a product or service to sell, program or seminar? Now You Know offers this free classified for the entire profession!