September 2001 Issue

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In This Issue

Chiropractors React to National Tragedy 

The events of September 11, 2001 will in some ways change our lives forever.  As chiropractors many of us have been searching for a way to offer what we have to help those most closely affected by these events. Many of us have given money to the various different groups who are involved in helping others.  Some chiropractors in both Washington and New York have taken to the streets to help those who are helping others.  

While the grim job of recovering bodies continues at both sites, chiropractors have set up stations to adjust the rescue and cleanup workers.  In New York the New York Chiropractic Council has spearheaded efforts to set up chiropractic stations along the perimeter.  In Washington, the ICA has set up a chiropractic station at the Pentagon to adjust all those workers and military personnel who want Chiropractic care.  The reports from the Pentagon are that over 200 people every day are stopping by the tent to have one of the dozen chiropractors adjust them. The people being served are very grateful and appreciative of the chiropractic care.

Immediately after the tragedy I was struggling with the concept of how to do more.  It was then that I received an email from a dear friend, Dr. Danita Heagy, that she had sent to her patients.  Her words helped answer my concerns and strengthened my resolve to get through this event by focusing on serving those that Innate has sent to me.  Her letter said:

"My love and prayers go out to all of you in this difficult time. Know that our hearts are united as a nation and that we have the highest and best leaders of any country in the world. We are brought together, united in this tragedy. What works for me best right now is to focus on the peace within myself, so that I can serve others. I hope that is helpful to you too, because getting lost in the storm of chaos and television coverage is fruitless. Our love goes out to the people of New York and Washington, and to the families who have lost loved ones."

There are also many other wonderful letters and accounts of chiropractors wanting to help that can bee seen on the web site,  One story in particular that struck me was on the page, , as well as many comments on the page, .  


NYK introduces "Plus" Program.

Now You Know has introduced our PLUS program as an add-on to our current subscription choices.  Current and new Subscribers to Now You Know's website or newsletter services can add the Plus package for an additional $10 per month. 

This new Plus package gives the subscriber unlimited access to sending email cards and letters using our Echiropractic service.  If you have ever used an online greeting card service, you know how easy it is to send greetings.  Now you can send chiropractic health pamphlets, greetings and office letters to patients directly through their email.  Each Echiropractic ecard comes with full color pictures and many with music.  

Some of these cards are health brochures much like the printed ones you distribute in your office.  Others are letters you can use to welcome a new patient, reactivate a former one, or to thank someone for a referral.  These letters and pamphlets were written by myself along with Dr. Fred Barge.  Three special pamphlets on vaccination were also written by Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center. 

Now You Know subscribers who add the Plus package to their subscription save $60 over the regular Echiropractic subscription rate.  For further information you can visit either our main site at, or visit our Echiropractic site at Current NYK subscribers who wish to add the Plus package please look for the special flyer in your quarterly billing statement.


A Special Request by Dr.  J. W. Dubel & New Beginnings 

To All,

Our upcoming New Beginnings Weekend will be in a few short weeks. The tragedy in America will undoubtedly still be going on and major healing will need to occur. I fear that things may be worse before they get better.  New Beginnings will be in honor of those who have lost their lives and those who volunteered here in the Northeast in this time of National turmoil. I personally was effected by the terrorist attacks as I lost patients and friends.

Each day when the wind is coming toward New Jersey we can smell the smoke and decay of the World Trade Center remains, it's a very scary thing. The news reports on television are giving only a small account of the tragedy, if imaginable it is 100 times worse. No one could imagine it unless you are here in the Metropolitan area and experience it.

We all need to join together at New Beginnings the first weekend of October to pay tribute to America and those families who are suffering here in the Northeast, close to home. Even if you can not make it to our entire weekend, I welcome all Chiropractors, family, patients and friends to attend our Candle Light Closing Vigil in giving our prayers to those who need them most.

May God flow from above, down to you, with his bounteous strengths and express inside you, that Innate wisdom, so you may outwardly change his world. All My Love, Loyalty and Friendship.

Jim Dubel, Chiropractor


A Personal Message, by Bob Braile, DC

In light of all that has happened and all I have read from other chiropractors, I feel more pride than ever in our wonderful profession.  We have a unique gift that brings health, joy and happiness into a world that sorely needs it at present. What can we do right now to help?  Adjust!  Turn on the power!  Make the world a better, less subluxated place to live in one innate at a time. A few years ago, innate inspired me to write something that now seems even more important in keeping us focused on our mission. So for those who would like to read it, I offer it below.

My Mission for Today,

I am a chiropractor. Today, I will love everyone, serve everyone, and give the message of chiropractic to everyone I contact. Every man, woman and child needs my help Today, in becoming and remaining subluxation free. At no time Today, will I withhold the truth of chiropractic for fear of rejection.

Today, I am an expert at correcting subluxations. I will correct subluxations on everyone I care for. When I do this, the power within them, heals them, every time without exception. I CAN help everyone I see Today.

Today, I ask for the strength to serve all those who are coming to see me. I ask for the love to give fully to each one individually. I ask for the innate wisdom to correct every subluxation I lay my hands on Today. And I ask for the authority to convert others so that Today, they may share in, and spread the truth of chiropractic.

Today, I serve God by serving others through the gift of chiropractic.

Today, I am a chiropractor.


Our Upcoming Schedule

Now You Know will be on the road quite a few times in the coming months.  We hope to see as many of our readers at these events as possible.  At several of these programs we will be teaching our "Internet Practice Seminar", on how to maximize this technology to teach and motivate your patients.  The dates are listed below.

When Who-Where Contact
October 4 - 7, 2001
Speaking & Booth
New Beginnings
Sheraton Hotel Eatontown, 
New Jersey
New Beginnings
October 5 - 7, 2001
Speaking & Booth
Michigan Chiropractic Council
Novi Hilton
October 25 - 28, 2001
Dynamic Essentials
Atlanta Renaissance Waverly Hotel
Dynamic Essentials
November 8-10 2001
ICA Pediatric Council Conference
Colorado Springs
December 7-9, 2001
FCS Convention
Orlando Airport Hyatt
Jan. 24-27, 2002
New Beginnings
Sheraton Hotel Eatontown, 
New Jersey
New Beginnings
February 22-24, 2002
Arnold Classic & ICA Sport Fitness Symposium, Columbus, Ohio ICA - 1-800-423-4690 
April 25-28, 2002
New Beginnings
Sheraton Hotel Eatontown, 
New Jersey
New Beginnings

For an ongoing list of where we will be please go to our website in the "NYK News" section and look under "Our Seminars".  We are continually adding new dates so check the website for the most recent schedule.  If your group or organization is interested in our program please call 678-570-7750. Thank You.


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