Halloween 2002 Issue

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ChiroTags; Advertising on the Way to the Office

Unless you have a home-office practice, you have to drive to your office every day you work. Chances are your vehicle is seen by a few hundred, to a few thousand cars each day on your trip.  Why not advertise yourself in a very professional and effective way while just driving along.  ChiroTags can help you do just that.

Every car dealer knows that placing a small chrome nameplate on your new car will help them with referrals.  All car makers add their logo and name-badge to their cars knowing that it will be seen by millions.  If this tactic works for them why not make it work for you.

ChiroTags is a new product by Now You Know that you can order directly online through both our www.nowyouknow.net website and our new www.chirotags.com website. These name tags can be ordered with whatever you want on it.  So how about your website address?  Imagine how many people will see your web address and may decide to check you out, all from just driving to work.  Maybe just a simple message such as "Chiropractor" will be what you want.

ChiroTags can be ordered in either chrome or matte gold colors and will last as long as your car.  You can have as many as 19 letters in your ChiroTag, and it can be made with either an adhesive backing for permanent mounting or a magnetic backing for temporary placement.  The best part of this no work marketing item is that it only costs $39.95 !   What's even better is that if you order two or more you do not have to pay any shipping charges.  Rarely, do you come across an inexpensive marketing item that can get your name out to so many people so inexpensively.  And after all, it looks a whole lot better than bumper stickers.

Life University Saga Continues

As most of you already know Life University's appeal has been denied and the school's chiropractic program now stands unaccredited with CCE. The administration at Life has announced that they will immediately seek reaccredidation from CCE and have already sent in their documents.  Presently they, and all the students, are anxiously awaiting the CCE response which may give them a timeline for the reaccredidation process.

Rarely a day goes by in Atlanta where the major newspapers or television stations are not covering this story.  The number of articles and releases now ranges in the hundreds.

This is quite an unprecedented turn of events. In order to keep the students abreast of this very fluid situation we have kept an ongoing chronological log of all stories, press releases and information available on this issue.  All of this is presently kept on our student resource site, www.DC2BE.com.  As new information becomes available we will continue to update this site with the information that can assist in understanding this complex situation.


NY Council Plans Big Event at Ground Zero

On November 15th, 16th & 17th, 2002, the New York Chiropractic Council will have their thirteenth annual convention at the New York Marriott Financial Center Hotel at Ground Zero.  This event which promises to be an emotional and exciting weekend with many different events planned. Some of them are as follows:

You can get more information on this event be going to the NY Council's website at: www.nycouncil.com.


Chiropractic Without A Doubt Going Strong

The vital role of the vertebral subluxation complex in today's health care setting and how to explain it to patients using new communications technology highlights the Chiropractic Without a Doubt / Phase 2 seminars of Robert Braile, D.C. and Stephen A. Hoffman, D.C.  This action-packed course shows how integrating the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic will help the chiropractor better understand the VSC and thus be better equipped to educate patients and the public from the subluxation-based practice.

Among the new elements of Phase 2 will be a demonstration of current technology, such as using computer aided presentation techniques to quantify the VSC and then communicate the findings to the patients. The seminar is sponsored by ICA in cooperation with Cleveland Chiropractic College, which has applied for license-renewal credit from state licensing boards.  "This seminar can help take your practice to the next level with practical and proven tools and strategies," said Dr. D.D. Humber, ICA president.

The next program will be held in Richmond Virginia on November 2nd and 3rd, 2002.  You can register by calling the ICA toll free number at 800-423-4690.


Our Upcoming Seminars and Shows

The list of programs and appearances we are attending continues to grow.  Below is a list of the places we will be over the next few months with many more in the works. 

When Who-Where Contact
November 2-3, 2002

"Chiropractic Without a Doubt"
by ICA, Richmond, VA

ICA  1-800-423-4690

Click here for flyer

November 15-17, 2002
Speaking & Booth
New York Council Convention
New York City
click here for flyer & reg. form
November 22-24, 2002

The Family Practice
"W" Chicago City Center Downtown

1-866-LEAD-DCS (532-3327)
Extension 105

November22-24, 2002
ICA Pediatric Convention
New Orleans, LA

ICA  1-800-423-4690

December 6-8, 2002
Speaking & Booth
FCS Convention
Orlando Airport Hyatt
January 23-26th, 2003
Speaking & Booth
New Beginnings
Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank, NJ
New Beginnings


NYK Special Offer - Remainder of 2002 FREE

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Now is the best time to get a website and email newsletter for your office!  All you need to do is subscribe to any of the Now You Know services, pay the initial startup fee and the first quarter, and we will consider your first quarter to be January, February and March 2003!  That means you get the remainder of October, November and December of 2002 for FREE!

If you have been waiting, now is the time to make the move into the information age. If you want more information you can visit our website at www.nowyouknow.net or call us toll free at 1-800-NYK-U YES, (800-695-8937).


Now You Know Services and Products

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