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April - May 2000

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Who Is Doing Your Web Site?

I wish I had Microsoft stock for every time I heard something like this, I Have a patient, who has a brother who has a girlfriend, whose cousin does my web site.  Since founding Now You Know, I have been traveling the country and speaking on how to integrate Internet technology into a chiropractic practice for almost a year. I have noticed that there have been three types of chiropractors.  No, I am not speaking of philosophy, I am speaking of communications technology.

 There are those who say they do not want anything to do with the Internet.  They do not need a computer and do not even know how to turn one on.  This shrinking group is slowly being dragged kicking and screaming into the information age.

The second group are those few "chiro-techies" who know computers and want to do it all themselves.  Although their web sites may have a high-tech look, in these cases usually the content is sparse or weak. 

The final group realizes the need to be on the Internet, but wants nothing to do with it themselves.  So the doctors in this group find someone to delegate all responsibility to.  This type of chiropractor usually spends the most money (whether they want to or not) trying to get a web presence.  They usually find a patient or relative who can do web sites and turns the whole thing over to them.  The results are usually a variety of semi high-tech features on a site with little chiropractic content.  These sites usually are little more that online phone book ads.

To me web sites should be a learning center for chiropractic and your office.  Web sites should educate and promote chiropractic and you to your community.  To accomplish this you need two qualities.  You have to be able to write on chiropractic, and you have to be technically able to design a good looking web site with good graphics and a good level of technology.

The reality is that very few chiropractors possess both these attributes and have the time to devote to accomplishing the job.  The next best thing is then to hire a person or company that can do these things.  Presently, I have noticed three companies that are in this area specific to chiropractors, (including Now You Know). Pricing from these three varies somewhat but all three seem to be in the same ball park.  Two of these companies, (again including Now You Know) offer an email newsletter service in conjunction with their web sites.  The clear points of difference can be seen in the content of these web sites.  In this area I am proud of the accomplishments and content of Now You Know web sites.  Although I am not going to review that here, I do invite readers to check out our site and see the web hosting section which reviews our content.

Overall, my message on this subject to those looking to get on the Internet is to not be dazzled by high tech gizmos.  Everyone can do that these days.  Be more concerned with appearance and especially with content.  The Internet affords chiropractic an unprecedented avenue to tell our side of the story.  Make your message on your web site more than just a phone book advertisement.

Free Stuff!

Everyone always loves free stuff. So I thought I would give you a run down on free stuff available to you on the Internet in the chiropractic world.  This list is far from complete, and I welcome anyone with additional free stuff to send us emails to let us know about it.  Here is my list in no particular order.

  1. The Latest Stuff from Gerry:  the first, and  pioneer in free chiropractic email newsletters, Dr. Clum puts out a bi-weekly e-publication that is great!  This has information and tid-bits of information all chiropractors should find of interest. Get your free subscription through the Life West web site at
  2. ChiroPediatric top 7 E-newsletter: A great new weekly newsletter from Drs. Stu and Terri Warner on practice tips for a pediatric practice.  Great insights on building a pediatric practice and the care of children. To get a free subscription go to their web site at
  3. Kids Unlimited: Dr. Armand Rossi offers a free email newsletter on the chiropractic care of children. This newsletter is a combination of original work and reproduced articles of interest to chiropractors. To receive your free subscription you must email Dr. Rossi at
  4. Welcome To Planet Chiropractic - Serving Chiropractic Worldwide:  A free chiropractic news e-newsletter is available through Planet Chiropractic.  They describe this newsletter themselves by saying, "Planet Chiropractic has been delivering news to the chiropractic profession via the world wide web in an effort to serve you so that you may be more effective in educating the public."  To get on their list please go to their site at .
  5. Dr. Tedd Koren Newsletter: Dr. Tedd Koren has a free e-newsletter on a variety of subject of interest to chiropractors from research to current events. To receive his newsletter please go to his web site at .
  6. The Masters Chiropractic Message of The Week: Dr. Dennis Perman of The Masters, management for chiropractors with Dr. Larry Markson, offers and inspirational and insightful weekly e-newsletter for chiropractors. To get on the list to receive this please email Dr. Perman at .
  7. Chiropractic Questions: Dr. Harvey Fish puts out a thought provoking and philosophically positive email newsletter that asks chiropractors to think on different issues of chiropractic principle.  You can get on his list by emailing him at: .
  8. SPIZZ QUEST: This e-newsletter is from Dr. John P. Maher, and contains strong philosophical teachings and discussions.  To get on his list please email him at, .
  9. Dr. Joel Margolies Newsletter: This e-newsletter has a variety of news, messages and sales for chiropractors.  To receive this e-publication you can visit his web site at: .
  10. FACE Update Newsletter:  The Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education sends out this e-newsletter with, practice building tips, philosophical thoughts, product updates and much more. To receive a copy please go to their web site at .

Web Usage

As everyone knows web usage is growing.  From USA Today March 22, 2000 issue is a story that goes into some details as to web usage.  Some of the numbers are quite fascinating.  The numbers in the USA Today article come from  Strategis Group, a market research and consulting firm based in Washington, D.C..  Here are just some of the numbers:

  1. More than 61% of home Internet users go online every day -- often several times a day -- compared with 46.7% in mid-1997 and 57.3% at the end of 1998
  2. The average Internet user has 1.5 computers at home. Soon, a multiple-computer household will be as common as a two-car family.
  3. The amount of time the average home Internet user spends online -- 7.2 hours a week up significantly from last year.
  4. The number of Internet users in the nation has shot up to 106 million, more than 52% of American adults. That compares with 52.6 million in mid-1997 and 83.6 million at the end of 1998.
  5. The average age of Net users hit 40 at the end of last year, having risen steadily from 38.6 years old in mid-1997.
  6. Instant messaging continues to grow in popularity. Nearly 1 billion messages are exchanged each day in real time.
  7. The number of Internet users making purchases online has nearly doubled in the past year, from 27 million to 52 million.

Now You Know Update.

Now You Know on the road.  The "Internet Practice Seminar" is becoming more and more popular. To see the list of places you can catch our program please click on "Our Seminars" on our web site at .

Now You Know, now the biggest provider of Internet services to the chiropractic profession!  Once again we sent out a record number of emails via our newsletter service.  We now host over 200 chiropractors web sites as well as a growing number of chiropractic councils, and organizations.  All told, we presently put over 250 chiropractors into cyberspace with tens of thousands of viewers and readers each month.

Free month for our "Tell a Friend" Program: Now You Know is now offering a Free month of service to any of our subscribers who refers a friend who subscribes to our services.  This is a special Thank You for all those who are spreading the chiropractic message using our services.  Many of our doctors on our rapidly growing list of subscribers are telling other about our services.  To reward them, we will be giving them a free month of whatever services they subscribe to for that referral.  

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