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August 2000

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Ninety-eight million Americans now using the Internet to find health information.

In a story reported by Reuters Health on August 10, 2000, comes some stand up and take notice numbers about the huge growth in usage of the Internet by consumers seeking health information.  This represents nearly twice as many people using the Internet for this purpose as just two years ago.

Harris Interactive said a poll of 1,001 adults surveyed this year showed that 56% of US adults, about 114 million people, were accessing the Internet.  Of that, 86% had used the Internet to look up information on healthcare or specific diseases.  This means that approximately 98 million Americans used the web to look up health information!

The Harris poll also showed that 13% of the people looked up health information for themselves and family members "often,'' while 40% said they looked "sometimes,'' and 33% had "very occasionally'' used the Internet to research health information.  Humphrey Taylor, chairman of The Harris Poll says that since this study was done from May to June 2000, that the statistics are  "already 2 months old, and surely underestimate the total number of 'cyberchondriacs." (His term)

Uses for a Chiropractic Web site

Most chiropractors, even those with web sites, do not grasp the fullness of what they have available to them.  Many chiropractors web sites turn out to be little more than online phone book ads or multi-page billboards.  If all a web site is to you is a way to advertise your office you are missing a tremendous opportunity to grow your practice using this technology. 

To really appreciate what a web site is you must view it as several different things.  Then think of what you would do if you had all those things.  First, see your web site as an online report of findings.  On your site should be all the general information your want a new patient to know about you and what you are doing.  With this in mind, what steps should you take to have your patient attend this online report of findings?  If you follow through and your new patients visit your site, they are better educated, better at compliance, and better at referring to your practice.

Another way you should look at your web site is as a potentially unlimited lending library.  How many of us have had lending libraries in our offices over the years?  Now considering this, what steps should you take to have patients use your lending library?  As with a library in your office, you direct patients to it for in-depth information on issues they are concerned about.  This not only increases the amount of information your patients can get, but also saves you precious time in your office.

These above are just two surface examples of how you should be using a web site.  It behooves each of us not to waste this amazing opportunity on just advertising our name and location.  But like any other program in your office, you must become a motivator to get your staff and patients to use this resource.

Palmer Lyceum

This issue of The Information Age was delayed until we returned from Palmer Lyceum.  The event was spectacular and the spirit was high.  DD Palmer would be pleased.  On the other hand, BJ Palmer would be pleased at the turnout and excitement of Lyceum, but I bet he would not be as pleased by the number of chiropractors not yet embracing the communication technologies available. 

BJ was always on top of the newest forms of communications technology available at his time.  Ask yourself what you think BJ would have done with the Internet?  What we found at Palmer Lyceum was what studies have been telling us.  Doctors, of all kinds, lag behind the general public when it comes to Internet usage.  As a rule, chiropractors are marginally better than our medical counterparts in being online.  But we fall several percentage points behind the general public.  Considering the fact that the public (at least in the US) is already using the Internet, and they are looking for health information, why would we even hesitate to get involved and tell our story?

What would BJ have done?  Well I believe his quote would sum it up best. “All that is necessary for the anti-chiropractic forces to win is for enough good chiropractors to do nothing.”  Even if you choose another provider for your Internet needs, please get involved!

Online Report of Findings?

This concept may not be as far fetched as you think.  A new company in Boston, PatientSite, has started working with six hospitals and hundreds of doctors in the Boston area providing secure links and places for doctors to store their patient results so that patients can look at the results at their convenience. 

With this system patients and other doctors can access patient information on command if they have the security numbers needed to view such data.  In an article from the Associated Press on August 3, 2000, patients were interviewed who were on this new system.  The patients interviewed were delighted at the availability of information when it was convenient for them.  The only concern was from members of the medical community who said that patients could be overwhelmed by the information.  One MD interviewed said his concerns were to ensure that his patients are not confused by the medical information.

In my opinion, for what it is worth, the more a consumer knows about their health care and their choices, the better for them and for chiropractic.

Internet Tid-Bits

The news from the Internet continues to amaze even those who study it.  As this technology continues to grow at an amazing rate, here are some stories from the net.

·         The frenzy of sales of great addresses continues as the address is for sale, and its sellers think it is worth $1.4 million.

·         More consumers use the Internet to search for health care information than they do to search for pornography.

·         Pharmaceutical companies currently spend $2 billion in direct-to-consumer advertising per year. Johnson & Johnson has said it will move 40 percent of its ad budget to the Internet.

·         Medical physicians as a group have been slow to embrace the Internet.  A recent survey of 257 doctors conducted by, found that only one-third of MDs expressed significant interest in using the Internet to communicate with patients.

Now You Know News

Now You Know - "My Mission" Posters Huge Success: After returning from a trip to Davenport Iowa for the Palmer Lyceum, two things were obvious.  First the event was a huge success for Palmer and President Dr. Guy Riekeman.  The event was attended by thousands of DCs, students and families.  The other thing that was true is that we seriously underestimated the popularity of our Free Poster giveaway.  We brought several hundred "My Mission" posters, only to run out within hours of the opening event on Thursday.  Fortunately, with the help of Federal Express hundreds more arrived the following morning.  However, once again we underestimated the demand for these inspirational posters as we ran out again by late Saturday morning. Anyone interested in these free posters must get it from us in person at one of our many seminars or shows.  We do not mail these posters.  You have to see us to get one.  Check our web site under Free Poster to see the message and what it looks like.

NYK "The Internet Practice" Next at ChiroPediatric University on the Road!  At Palmer Lyceum it was standing room only for the class we gave on the Internet and chiropractic. Afterwards, emails continued to come in by practitioners excited about the uses of this new technology in a chiropractic office. Our next appearances are at ChiroPediatric University, On The Road on Sept. 14 - 17 in Atlanta, and New Beginnings Sept 21 - 24 in Eatontown, New Jersey.   Both these events are exciting and filled with some of the most respected and renowned DCs in our profession.  Make time to attend these great weekends. You will not regret it!

Secret New Service Coming Soon!  We can not let the cat out of the bag yet.  But expect big things from us in the next edition of The Information Age.  A new and revolutionary service will be offered to chiropractors starting November 1st, 2000.  Current NYK subscribers will be offered a pre-opening discount to get involved with this service before it is offered to the general profession. If we are teasing you just a little you can peek at the pre-release on our sister site,

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