December 2000 Issue
We at Now You Know wish you and yours a very happy and health holiday!

In This Issue

New Chiropractic Patient Testimonial Site Opens

We at Now You Know have just opened a new site at . The purpose of this site is to have a place where the world can see the wonders of chiropractic as expressed through patients eyes. We are calling for all DCs to submit their best cases for publishing on this site.  Please remember that you must obtain a written release from the patient giving you the OK. 

We intend to supply a free link to this site to every health care site that will accept it.  It is our vision that this site would be linked to every chiropractic web site and every state, national and college chiropractic web site.  In this way it can be viewed by millions of suffering people, in the hopes that they will decide that chiropractic care is their answer.  We also expect that the wide variety of people appearing on this site will stir others to see a chiropractic lifestyle as a health and wellness choice for themselves and their family.

We know that this site can only be as successful as we in chiropractic make it. So it is up to you!  Please help us spread the message world wide.  To assist us in this vision we need three things from you.  First, visit the site at  Second, start collecting and sending us your patient testimonials. And third please forward this message on to other colleagues and urge them to get involved.  Together, using the tools of the Internet, we can tell the world about the miracles in chiropractic.  Please get involved in this important project.

Stephen Barrett, M.D. Reviews Echiropractic Service

We must be doing something right!  Dr Stephen Barrett, M.D. a self proclaimed enemy of chiropractic, has reviewed and panned our newest service.  In an article on his "Chirobase" web site entitled "Echiropractic Greeting and Reminder Cards: Selling "Maintenance Care" Through the Internet", Dr. Barrett takes issue with our  principled message. 

Apparently from his article, Dr. Barrett reviewed our site one month prior to our site opening as he reported seeing only 11 Echiropractic cards. Other than that oversight, (as we have many more than that) the article is really quite good.  In his article he also suggests that he has investigated our other services when he states, "The service is offered by Now You Know, a company whose mission is "to enable Chiropractors to spread the message of chiropractic, using the tools of technology." 

I very much appreciate the publicity he brings our new service, as a negative review from Dr. Barrett definitely suggests we are hitting our mark. And although this will probably translate into additional subscriptions, Dr. Barrett will not be receiving any royalties for his condemnation.

 The article can bee seen on his site at:

New Features Wrap Up for 2000

With the year 2000 almost over.  I thought I might reflect on what has happened here at Now You Know in terms of new features and our profession as it relates to the Internet.  In the past year we at Now You Know have gone from a new yearling company to the largest provider of Internet services for chiropractors.  We have gone from one service, when we started (email newsletters), to three services including web sites and Echiropractic cards.  The following is a list of improvements and new features we have added in just the past year.

  1. Addition of multiple color themes for our web sites.  We now can completely customize web sites for the look a doctor wants.
  2. Additional pages on subluxation, subluxation degeneration, and an interactive nerve chart for all our web sites.
  3. Our consumer articles on chiropractic and health care have grown from 30 pages to over 150 pages, and the list keeps growing.  These articles appear in every one of our doctors web sites and is probably our strongest feature as this turns your web site into a health care and chiropractic encyclopedia for your patients.
  4. We now have the ability to put your new patient office forms online so that patents can download them, fill them out at home and bring them into your office already completed.  Patients love this convenience and time savings.
  5. Our newsletters now include pictures and new custom color headers.  As our technology got better we were able to add pictures to the articles we put into the newsletter.  This make the Now You Know Newsletter more like an online magazine.
  6. We introduced Echiropractic, a new revolutionary service for sending e-cards and messages to your patients.  This service is similar to other online card services only this time you are sending solid chiropractic materials written by Dr. Fred Barge, Barbara Loe Fisher, and myself. 

As you can see from the partial list above we have been working all year to gain the trust of the chiropractic profession when it comes to their Internet presence. Because of this, hundreds of offices have subscribed to our services and more are every day.  But, we are not resting!  As you read this we are working on even more innovations and features to continue to advance the way you spread the chiropractic message.  In the coming months you will see announcements and releases about upgrades in our services as well as even more services for doctors, and chiropractic associations to use to spread the message.


Third "Get The Big Idea" Seminar Scheduled

The third seminar of this new and exciting program is scheduled for Feb. 10, 2001. Dr Schiffmans first two "Get The Big Idea" seminars got rave reviews from the chiropractors attending. For information or to register please visit their web site at Dr. Schiffman presently has the largest solo practice in North America regularly seeing between 1700 and 2600 patient visit per week. 


Now You Know Political Web Site Wins Award

An association that rates Political Web Sites has rated one of our web sites as one of the "Top 50 political web sites in the United States".  Now You Know does a limited number of web sites for individuals and companies outside chiropractic.  One such web site was that of a candidate for Congress, Charles Hendrickson of Illinois.  Unbeknownst to us at Now You Know,  our site had been rated and we were placed on the top 50 list.  Although our main focus is web sites for chiropractors we were happy to receive this honor.  I know your question is, "Well did he win?"  Unfortunately, he did not.  He ran against a long term incumbent who outspent him 10 to one.  However, his showing was so respectable that he is expected to run again and is a real threat to unseat the incumbent.


Now You Know Serving Over 300 Offices

Almost 350 offices presently subscribe to Now You Know services, with more offices subscribing daily.  What this means is that Now You Know is presently the largest provider of Internet Services to the chiropractic profession, other than ISPs.  We would like to thank all of you who have placed your trust in us.  We will continue to push the envelope and expand out technology and services to help you spread the message of chiropractic.

Many of our subscribers have attended one or more of the many programs we have given on the Internet at various programs nation wide.  We thank those associations, societies and councils for their vision.  In the first month of the new year we will be at Karl Parker in Las Vegas on January  11 - 14th and at New Beginnings in New Jersey on January 25 - 28th.   Other groups or organizations who may be interested in having us do a program ranging from 1 to 4 hours can check our posted schedule on our web site to look for available dates.  On our site, select the "Our Seminar" link to see a list of dates we are already committed to and links to the program description. 


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