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February 2000

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Twelve New Themes for Now You Know Web Sites

We at Now You Know have created 12 new beautiful web themes for our subscribers.  To help most doctors start the customizing process we now offer these 12 new diverse themes.  Most doctors are too busy to worry about color schemes or font types.  So at Now You Know we have made it simple.  These themes represent only a starting point from which you can customize your site anyway you like. These themes include such concepts as, The Royal, The Ocean, The Sunset, and The Rose.  To view all our themes please visit our web site at and click on "Web Site Design & Hosting".

Chiro-Pediatric University on the Road This Weekend

We will be giving a 90 minute presentation this weekend on using the Internet to spread the chiropractic message and teach the community about chiropractic for children.  In addition to us this program promises to be filled with experts on chiropediatrics.  If you are interested in having kids in your office this is one you should not miss!  Chiropractic Pediatric U On-The-Road -at the Sheraton Meadowlands, February 17-20, 2000 NJ/NY* 20 Hours License Renewal applied for.  Call 1-732-295 KIDS(5437) for more information or to register.

More Amazing Internet Stats

  1. Internet usage by travelers continues to increase. According to a report released Feb. 8, by the Travel Industry Association of America, Fifty-two million people now use the Internet to plan trips, and 16.5 million people use the Internet to book their travel reservations.

  2. Reuters Group P.L.C. reported on Feb. 8, that it planned to reposition itself as a high-flying Internet concern. Reuters plans to invest $802 million in the next four years to shift its content delivery systems to the Internet.  As a result shares of Reuters soared 23 percent, their largest one-day gain in more than a decade.

  3. America Online Inc. , which plans to merge with media giant Time Warner Inc. , said on Feb 2, that its core AOL service has more than 21 million subscribers and members now average more than an hour online daily.

  4. Internet companies paid record prices for commercial time on Super Bowl Sunday and drew bigger audiences to their Web sites after their exposure.  Seventeen dot-com companies were among about three dozen network advertisers on ABC's telecast of the Super Bowl, in which the St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans 23-16.  Commercials went for a record average of $2.2 million for a 30-second ad in the game which ABC estimated was seen at least in part by more than 130.7 million people, the fifth-biggest audience for any TV telecast.  The Internet audience for Web sites maintained by Super Bowl advertisers rose 15.7 percent in the 24 hours after the Super Bowl telecast, according to NielsenNetRatings, an Internet measurement service. The increase was 50 percent larger than the 10.7 percent rise in the overall Internet audience, it said.
  5. Health care is predicted to hit $370 billion in e-commerce by 2004. Physician offices, using the Internet to cut costs, may represent 12% of business.  According to a study published in the Jan. 21, AMA News, by Forrester Research Inc., a Cambridge, Mass.-based market research firm, health care e-commerce is set to rocket from $6.4 billion in 1999 to $370 billion in 2004, which equates to nearly 5,800% growth over five years.  The article ends with the comment, E=MD squared!

US Lawmakers Propose Internet Tax Free Bill

From Washington DC, Feb 2, (Reuters) - Two key U.S. lawmakers propose making permanent the current three-year ban on new taxes by states and localities on billions of dollars of goods and services sold over the Internet.  The measure by Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, and Rep. Christopher Cox, a California Republican, would set in stone the moratorium on new Web taxes enacted by Congress in October 1998 and due to expire in October 2001.  The bill, would solidify temporary bans on new ``multiple'' or ``discriminatory'' taxes on cyberspace -- such as state and local taxes on the monthly fees consumers pay to use Internet services.  From our standpoint, we agree that the Internet should remain FREE!  If you are in the United States, write to your Senator and Representative and make them aware that they should support a tax-free Internet.

Now You Know Update.

Our numbers continue to grow!  This month we sent out a record number of emails via our newsletter service.  Even more impressive was the overwhelming responses received by us and our doctors from this issue.  In most cases the patients responded that they had forwarded the newsletter on to someone else.  This means the Now You Know doctors are getting a double bang for the buck!  Laterally tens of thousands of non-chiropractic patients are receiving the Now You Know Newsletter from another patient!  These are electronic referrals using the Internet!

Come Join Us:  Thursday Feb. 17 through Sunday Feb. 20, 2000, at the Chiro-Pediatric University on the Road (732-295-5437).   I will be speaking at 8 PM Thursday night on how to use Internet technology to help educate your patients on the need for chiropractic care for children.  Check our web site for more dates of programs we are offering or are a part of.  If your state society or group is interested in hosting these programs please contact us ASAP as dates in 2000 are filling up.

Free month for our "Tell a Friend" Program: Now You Know is now offering a Free month of service to any of our subscribers who refers a friend who subscribes to our services.  This is a special Thank You for all those who are spreading the chiropractic message using our services.  Many of our doctors on our rapidly growing list of subscribers are telling other about our services.  To reward them, we will be giving them a free month of whatever services they subscribe to for that referral.  

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