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July 2000

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Now You Know Offers Rest of Year Free Program

Now You Know is offering a great deal for new subscribers to either our web site service, our email newsletter service or both.  Anyone subscribing to either or both of our services , pays the initial setup charges and one quarter of their service, will receive the rest of 2000 for FREE!  This means up to three free months of service!  If you are considering one of the NYK services, the sooner you act the more free time you get.  Each day you delay means one less free day of Internet presence for your office and chiropractic.  For more details you can call us at 678-570-7750.

Uses for Email In a Chiropractic Office

In case you are wondering what good email could ever be in your office consider these:

After reading this list you may say that it is much more work than you want.  But keep in mind you can create most of these emails once, save them and have a staff person fill in the names and specific information for each email.  Your patient base is your greatest source of new patients.  Why not communicate with them more effectively and more often than you are doing now?  What do you think the result would be?

Internet Can Improve Physician-Patient Relationship

The above headline came from NEW YORK, Apr 27 Reuters Health.  In that article Dr. Daniel Sands discusses "informational asymmetry" as being dead. This means that no longer do patients know far less than their doctor about their health situation.  Dr Sands recommends to his MD colleagues that they embrace the new technology because he believes an educated patient is a better patient. Sands also recommends e-mail as an effective way for physicians to deliver information to their patients.

Probably the most telling part of the article was the closing where a warning was issued to the medical community.  This warning should also not go unheeded by we chiropractors. The article closes with: "Physicians who resolutely refuse to join the Internet revolution may find that patients begin to "vote with their feet," healthcare consultant Dr. Stan Bernard, president of Bernard Associates, cautioned. About one-third of patients who use the Internet indicate that they would change their physician if he or she "would not interact with them" online."

What Internet Stuff Do We Recommend?

Quite often we get questions from chiropractors as to what email programs to use, what ISP (Internet Service Provider) to use and other such questions.  Let me say that I do not have any stock in any of these companies (although I wish I had gotten some years ago), but here are my recommendations.

Internet Tid-Bits

For that shrinking number of chiropractors who may still believe that they may not need to be involved with the Internet, we offer these statistics.

Now You Know News

Now You Know Web Site Gets Redesigned Look: If you have not visited for a while, please check out our redesigned site at Our new home page has new graphics for our services and products as well as some special features. Holding your mouse over our pictures or buttons brings up a pop-up explanation of that link. Also easier to find are our subscriber pages, our free classifieds, information on our free giveaways, and our new "Free Stuff" page with links to freebies for chiropractors. Take a few minutes and look us over.

Free "My Mission For Today" Poster Now Available: NYK is giving away  5000 beautiful and inspirational color posters with the daily affirmation, "My Mission For Today".   This poster features the inspirational message over a red and gold sunrise.  These posters are absolutely free!  Is there a catch? Nope, all you have to do is get it from us in person at one of our many seminars or shows.  We do not mail these posters.  You have to see us to get one.  Check our web site under Free Poster to see the message and what it looks like.

Dates for the NYK "The Internet Practice" Seminars Filling Up!  One of the hottest topics in chiropractic today is how to use Internet Technology to grow your practice.  Well, we have the answer.  Our programs are given through various Councils and groups and available dates are going fast.  Several noteworthy dates are: Palmer Lyceum August 10 - 12 in Davenport, ChiroPediatric University, On The Road on Sept. 14 - 17 in Atlanta, and New Beginnings Sept 21 - 24 in Eatontown, New Jersey. We will also have a booth at Saturday Night Live in Knoxville on August 5th.  For more information on these dates and other dates please check our web site under "Our Seminars".  If your group is interested in hosting such a program please contact us.  To see further information on these programs please visit our site and click on "Our Seminars".

Web Sites with NYK Have Over 120 Consumer Pages!  Every Subscriber to NYK web sites automatically gets links on their site to over 120 pages of solid principled articles on chiropractic and health.  These articles are the most timely way to inform your patients about a chiropractic lifestyle.  All of these articles come from our highly acclaimed email newsletter service.  To see what patients think of these articles check our web site under "Patient Responses" to read just some of the thousands of emails doctors receive back from their patients after receiving the NYK email newsletter.  When reading these please remember that these patients believe their doctor wrote these newsletters.  Our Email Newsletter service is designed to look that way.

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