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June 2000

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More Women Now Surf the Web at Home Than Men

As of April 2000, for the first time, more women than men were surfing the Web at-home. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, the gender breakdown for U.S. Internet users in April 2000 was 50.3 percent women and 49.7 percent men, as compared to 52 percent men and 48 percent women in April 1999. This marks the first time in which more women than men were on the Internet. Women, however, still spent less time online than men, both at-home where females surfed an average of 8.5 hours as compared to the 10.5 hours spent by males and at-work where females logged 18 hours versus the 22 hours surfed by males.

More Free Stuff!

Last issue we ran a "Free Stuff" column and the response was huge.  Each of the people and free services we mentioned got dozens of requests for their free services.  Because of this we have added a "Free Stuff page to our web site. On this page we list all the "Free Stuff" we listed in the last newsletter plus added a few more we have since found out about.  If you are interested in any Free Stuff, or if you would like to make us aware of more Free Stuff we might not have listed please go to that page and use the submission form. 

Speaking of more free stuff, Now You Know now has available our free motivational poster "My Mission".  The poster is 18x24 inches with a daily motivational message over a beautiful sunrise. To find out how to get one please visit our site and click on the thumbnail of "My Mission".

Internet Economy Growing

To get an idea of just how big the Internet is getting, read the following short article that appeared in the  SAN FRANCISCO AP by Technology Writer, CLIFF EDWARDS. "The number of people employed in Internet-related jobs doubled last year to 2.5 million as the industry enjoyed a 62 percent jump in annual revenues, according to a new university study that highlights the increasing importance of the digital economy. The study found that the entire industry generated nearly $524 billion in revenue in 1999, up from a readjusted $322 billion a year earlier. "  For those of you who may feel that chiropractors do not need to be involved with the Internet think again!  This represents the greatest new area of information available to us.  In case you are not sure, the US Commerce Department this month said that the information technology industry is the "No. 1 driver of the American economy".
Further evidence of Internet growth comes from Network Solutions, the primary company to register domain names since the internet started.  In a press release dated April 13th, 2000 the company reported that it surpassed 10 million domain name registrations! The company estimates that the market for .com, .net and .org domains is around 160 million.  For those who have found that the name they wanted was unavailable, you realize that all good names will be long gone before they reach market potential.

New Drug Awareness Web Site

A new site has come up dealing with the problems of prescription drugs.  The address, points out problems both with drugs and with removal from such antidepressants as Prozac. To get a flavor for this web site here is the opening of their mission statement. "The International Coalition For Drug Awareness is a private, non-profit group of physicians, researchers, journalists and concerned citizens. Our primary focus is to address the worlds most pervasive and subtle drug problem - prescription drugs. We are dedicated to educating the people of the world regarding the potential harmful and life threatening short and long term effects of these drugs."

Two New Chiropractic Schools Open in USA

Palmer College has announced the opening of a "facility" in Port Orange Florida. Palmer will open a branch facility with intent to expand to a full college. Information on this new school is available at: . The other school will be called the Colorado College of Chiropractic and will be in conjunction with Marycrest International University. For information you can visit their web site at:  .

More MDs Getting Web Sites

From the AMNews. April 24, 2000, is an article that should make chiropractors lose any apathy or fear about getting on the web.  The article mentions, "Physicians increasingly are coming to the conclusion that having a Web site is necessary. About 27% of physicians have their own site, up from 17% in 1997, according to an AMA study."  
The article has a sidebar with tips for the MD looking to get a web site. Among these are 10 things a site should have.  They are:

1. Name, address and phone number
2. Driving directions
3. Frequently asked questions, and answers
4. Professional credentials
5. Hours of operation
6. Description of the services you offer and conditions in which you specialize
7. Photograph and whatever personal information you feel comfortable sharing with patients
8. E-mail functionality
9. List of insurance plans accepted; name and phone number of the staff person who handles insurance-related questions
10. Disclaimer stating that the information on the site and e-mail communication are not intended to create a physician-patient relationship and are not appropriate for emergency care

It should be noted that Now You Know doctors usually include these with over 100 additional pages of health and chiropractic information.

Now You Know Update.

Now You Know consumer information now over 120 pages!  Each month we continually add the articles from our Now You Know patient newsletter service to our consumer section of our web site.  These pages are then included in every Now You Know web site subscribers web site.  This list has now grown to over 120 pages of contemporary, timely articles on health and chiropractic. You can see these on our web site at, or on any of our subscribers web sites.

Now You Know, now the biggest provider of Internet services to the chiropractic profession!  Each month we send out a record number of emails via our newsletter service.  We continue to host more new chiropractors web sites and newsletters as well as a growing number of chiropractic councils, and organizations.  All told, we presently put over 250 chiropractors into cyberspace with tens of thousands of viewers and readers each month.

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