November 2000 Issue

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Echiropractic Opens to Great Reviews

The new online service Echiropractic is now open and operational, and getting great initial reviews.  Dozens of doctors have already signed up and started using this "First in Chiropractic" service. If you are familiar with services such as "" or "" which are services that allow you to email personalized greeting cards to friends or relatives, Echiropractic does the same thing with chiropractic pamphlets and letters that you can use in your practice.

To get an idea of what this service looks like please visit our site at . If you would like to try a free sample, please go to our web site at, and click on "Click here to send a sample Echiropractic message" from our home page.  Then  just follow some simple instructions and, WOW, see how it works!  The subscription for this service is only $179.95.  This fee is a no-brainer when you consider the savings on printed pamphlets you purchase in a year.  And as an introductory offer this low fee will get you unlimited usage for the remainder of 2000 and all of 2001!


How Many MDs are Online?

American Medical NewsAccording to the November 13th issue of the American Medical News, several surveys were cited to indicate the numbers of MDs online. In a survey it conducted, the AMA estimated that the number of physicians using the Internet nearly doubled to 37%, up from 20% in 1999.  Just three months later, Harris Interactive reported that an eye-popping 89% of physicians use the Internet at home or at the office.  Another survey, in September, from the American Medical Group Assn. reported that  98% of medical groups had Internet access.  And even more recently in October, Cozint Interactive Inc., an Andover, Mass.-based company that conducts surveys for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consulting companies, said 91% of physicians use the Internet.

These numbers show that the medical community is increasing their Internet presence at an amazing rate.  It also demonstrates the urgency of Internet usage for the chiropractic profession.

Second "Get The Big Idea" Seminar Scheduled

Response was great to the first seminar given by Dr. Robert Schiffman.  Dr. Schiffman presently has the largest solo practice in North America regularly seeing between 1700 and 2600 patient visit per week. 

Dr Schiffmans first seminar "Get The Big Idea" drew chiropractors from Spain, the Netherlands and all over the USA.  The response from the participants was enthusiastic as most saw this one day program as a life changing experience.  

Some of the comments about the first seminar were: 

The next Get The Big Idea program is now scheduled for Saturday, December 2nd, 2000, at the Indianapolis Airport Holiday Inn.  For information or to register please visit their web site at


Government Agencies Secretly Track Web Site Usage

An Associated Press Article dated October 21st 2000 exposed that 13 government agencies are secretly using technology that tracks the Internet habits of people visiting their Web sites, and in at least one case the government agency then provides the information to a private company.  This revelation is the result of a congressional review, and is in direct contrast to a current White House prohibition on using this technology for such purposes.  

The agencies involved range from the Federal Aviation Administration to the federal offices that provide disaster relief and administer Medicare, as well as the General Accounting Office.  Reaction to this discovery is strong.  "How can this administration talk about protecting privacy when its own agencies jeopardize some of the publics most private information?" asked Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. 

The 13 government Web sites use small text files called "cookies" that record information about an Internet users browsing habits when they visit a site.  The Congressional study found all 13 government agencies tracked consumers path during their visit to the site, and some were employing "persistent" text files that could be read for years after the initial visit.  Can you say. "Big brother is watching!"


Now You Know Serving Over 300 Offices

Almost 350 offices presently subscribe to Now You Know services, with more offices subscribing daily.  What this means is that the Now You Know chiropractic message is reaching around 100,000 consumers per month.  This makes Now You Know one of the largest disseminators of the chiropractic message to consumers.

Our first goal has always been to reach one million chiropractic patients and consumers each month with a strong principled chiropractic message.  If you look back at our chiropractic history, B.J. Palmer was always at the leading edge of communications technology for his day. If he had these tools you can bet he would have been right there pushing the technology envelope to spread the chiropractic message.


AOL 6 Big Improvement

America Online (AOL) has finally introduced version 6 to the general public and we at Now You Know could not be happier!  AOL now handles their email using html.  This means that email is finally in color!  Since our inception the one problem we continually faced with the Now You Know newsletter was that we were sending out colorful email newsletters with pictures and headers, but AOL users were seeing only text and having to download the pictures using a fairly difficult process.   

Now AOL users can see our newsletters the way we sent them, in color and with pictures.  One of our email newsletter subscribers commented, "Now that I have AOL 6.0, I can't tell you how impressed I am with how great the e-mails look! Many thanks to you." -Howard

We encourage all our AOL - Info Age readers to upgrade to version 6.  We also encourage all our Now You Know email newsletter subscribers to encourage their patients who are on AOL to also take the free upgrade.  It is well worth it.

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