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Revised Deadlines for editorial content


Greetings to All,


I just wanted to take a moment to bring everyone up to date regarding the status of The Art Of Health magazine.  Our content is complete and I would like to thank everyone for their contributions.  It is indeed an honor to be associated with such a special group of individuals who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to be a part of a new magazine.  Everyone that accepted my columnist invitation accepted.  I'm told, that's an incredible feat.


We are now awaiting feedback from the various PBS stations.  Their pledge drives will conclude at the end of March and we anticipate subscriptions to come in the first week of April.  We are ready to print the first issue now and when we have the PBS lists we will send the magazine to press.  Our turn-around is typically one week, from printer delivery to postal placement.  The earliest the magazine will go out will be April 9th.  Hopefully, everything will come together as planned.


Due to the timing of this first issue, our editorial calendar will change.  Following are the new deadlines for upcoming issues:


Revised Deadlines for editorial content


Issue                           Deadline for column                      Focus of Issue                     

June/July                 May 1, 2004                                               The Earth Connection


Aug/Sept                  July 1, 2004                                       Social Capital


Oct/Nov                    Sept. 1, 2004                                   Empowerment


Dec/Jan                   Nov. 1, 2004                                               Character/Holiday


Feb/March               Jan 1, 2004                                       Chemistry of Life    


I would note that you are welcome to tie into the focus of each issue, although you are free to contribute whatever you would like, particularly if you have a specific area you would like to focus on, such as a series of related columns.


We have taken the liberty of titling your columns.  If you have an alternate title you would prefer please let me know asap.


Richard Barwell-----------------The Wellness Journey


Robert Ross-----------------------In The Raw  


Jim Warne------------------------Native Vision


Andre Turan---------------------More Power To You


Cherie Carter-Scott----------Rules For Life


Barbara Loe Fisher-----------Shots In The Dark


William Waterway------------The Fluid World


Jeanne Ohm-------------------The Magical Child


Todd Kalis------------------------Life On the Line


Bob Braile------------------------Now You Know


Casey Below--------------------Teen Wellness


Brit Elders-------------------------Cooking Lite


Luanne Pennesi---------------Naturally Right


Eric Plasker----------------------Human Potential


Bill Esteb-------------------------guest columnist     


Thank you all for your generous contributions.  Years ago, one of my mentors shared something with me that profoundly affected my life and became the cornerstone of all my realities.  In all that we do, we are either contributing to the constructive survival values of the Universe or the destructive values.  At the moment he shared his wisdom with me I made the choice to add to the constructive side of things.  I believe there are many people today (especially those of you receiving this email) that are adopting this attitude and that we are all a part of a critical mass that is gaining momentum to reveal a new, evolved reality.  And, while we can always count on change, the big question is not “if” a new reality is budding, but how that new reality will be built—through primary constructive values or through an extension of the present destructive values extolled by our society today.  So, that’s my “big picture” and that’s what I’m trying to accomplish—to add as much to the constructive side of things as I can.  If there aren’t people like you and I out there doing that then our “potentials” remain hidden and unfulfilled.  I look forward to working with you all in future issues.  If I can be of service, please feel free to call.  Until again,


Be Well,



Steve Below


cell: 205-389-2173