Some random pictures from 2006

Tony in Georgia

Evelyn & Hailey at Wal-Mart

This is when Evelyn hurt her foot.

I didn't do it!

Nicole and her NEW CAR!

The proud new owner!

Nicole at her first job at Dairy Queen

OK - I like it!

Kids cross into Florida on road trip

I like a shinny head!

I love my great aunt June.

Wow that's big!

I get to ride!

Duck city

Time to ride


The horse is hungry

Look at me

Go this way

I like it!


This is cool

Look at me


This was cool

and Aunt Bonnie

Some pictures from Florida

Some pictures from Florida

More Food!

Even more food!

Gilligan is hungry

Not many people can say they have done this!

Off to school


What are you lookin at?

To give you a size perspective.

They are bigger now!

Bob & Ev at dinner

Nicole school picture 2006.

Hailey 2006 school picture