On January 19th, 2008 Georgia had a snow storm. 

This was the same date as the International motorcycle show in Atlanta.

Snow in Centennial Park

Hailey in Centennial Park during the snow in Atlanta

This little snow man that Hailey built was the first built there.  This may be the first snowman ever build in that park.

Later in the day Hailey went back outside and built a real size snowman in Centennial Park.

At this time there were about 6-10 other snowmen in the park.
Snow at the house the next day, after most has melted

These pictures are all the next day after most of the snow has melted.

Still some snow left over next day.

Nope, not gonna drive this today!

Roads remained clear. No snow day as this happened over the weekend, kids were bummed!
Some pictures from the bike show