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Making the choice

Jeanne Ohm, DC
Executive Coordinator, ICPA 

Life is all about making choices. Regardless of the circumstances that come our way it is up to us to make the choice how we will perceive those circumstances.

As a matter of fact, our cumulative perceptions and thoughts will actually determine the "circumstances" that we encounter in our lives.

In our practices, it is important that we focus on the vision/ goal/ outcome we are looking to see made manifest. Perspectives of fear, regret, apprehension, hesitancy and failure when assessing our circumstances will only further these types of outcomes.

When a situation comes our way that may at first appear to be negative or not so appealing, we need to radically transform our perspective of that situation to be in line with our desired outcome. This is our choice.

I realize that this sounds easy in theory and may seem sometimes quite difficult to achieve. Here is one specific and valuable way of opening the door so our perspective can be changed to meet our intended goals: APPROACH ALL CIRCUMSTANCE with HEARTFUL APPRECIATION!

What this approach is saying is that when something comes our way, we need to look and see how this circumstance is serving us. What is the benefit we can derive? What is the lesson? What is the gift? Looking from this perspective is our choice.

Although this may take a bit of contemplation time, all circumstances have something in them that we can glean as a benefit. To move on in our lives and stay in sync with our goals, we must find that benefit and then appreciate the circumstance that has come our way.

The very act of recognition and appreciation opens our perspective to breaking old restrictive patterns of behavior and thought.

So I challenge each and every one of us to make the choice to recognize the blessings and appreciate all of our experiences moment by moment, day by day. This is a sure formula to transcend our practices and more importantly our life's purpose.

Beyond the Dark Night

Louis Corleto, D.C.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.  Psalm 23**

At some point, everyone passes through a dark night of the soul. This is a difficult time in which we are moving from an old life to a new one, with no apparent security or help in sight. It appears that the old is being taken away by a hand larger than our own, and there is no solid ground on which to stand. As old friends or supporters fall away we feel like misfits in a world that does not understand us. The activities and things that once gave us comfort seem empty or unavailable, and sometimes it appears that all is lost. At such a time we are called upon to search deep within ourselves for faith.

Although the dark night is painful and harrowing it is an important and productive time. If you are passing though a dark night, take comfort in the truth that there is a bigger picture than the one you are seeing, a larger hand operating behind appearances. The dark is a time to clear away the old to make way for the new and better. Nothing is taken away that is not replaced with something more valuable. The field is being turned over so that old weeds and dead roots can be dissolved and new seeds sown. Spring is not far behind the winter.

When I have gone through such experiences, this message has come to me loud and clear: Surrender to love. Do not try to fight the changes, and do not try to understand them. In your anxiety, do not attempt to clutch at the old for security; instead do your best to release what was, and be open to what is to come. Define all the changes as good, and look for their blessings. The day will come when you will look back at such a time and say, "Thank you. "

I recently re-read this thot (written by Alan Cohen) and felt it was appropriate to share in the LIGHT of all of the Earth changes, both of mother earth and her inhabitants –US.

The recent events in New Orleans, are bring “things” up for many people. Many people are unclear about their “future”. As TOR’s one of our greatest gifts is to re-mind people of who they ARE. Pure Light. Hence when they are subluxated they are not expressing their LIGHT, their LIFE and the can’t see clearly. They are in “darkness” and can not re-member who they ARE. Love them, support them, re-mind them of their essence and SET THEM FREE!!!

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