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Next New Beginnings - Sept 28 - Oct 1, 2006

Who Are You?

By Ciaran E. Cullen, Chiropractor

“We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.- The Talmud ”

The way we see the world and everything in it is merely a reflection of the state of our inner world. Is your inner world full of stress, tension and turmoil? Are you constantly inviting these things into your life? Or, is your Inner world an abundance of peace, love and joy? Are you constantly inviting these things into your life?

You are an amazingly powerful being having a human experience. You get to choose which experience you create. To show you how amazing you really are, YOU (INNATE WISDOM) act as a signpost to let YOUR BODY know exactly where you are in the creative process. When our INNATE WISDOM is being expressed properly in the BODY, we see things with a sense of ease and harmony bringing with it the experience of peace, love and joy. When our INNATE WISDOM is not being expressed properly in the body, is creates dis-ease and dis-harmony. This dis-ease carries with it the unfavorable and unpleasant sense of symptoms in the body. Symptoms are YOUR INNATE WISDOM’S way of letting you know that you are out of integrity or being incongruent with WHO YOU TRULY ARE. When this occurs, we see the world as stressful, which in turn prevents your INNATE WISDOM (YOU) from fully experiencing and expressing life. This process of dis-ease keeps you in this process of dis-ease by programming your hardwiring (the NERVE SYSTEM).

How you view the world is your perception. Perception is a neurological phenomenon. Perception controls how we see things and believe things, which in turn controls our thoughts, words and actions. When you decide that your current perception no longer serves you and you decide to change it or you want to strengthen the perception that does serve you, specific adjustment processes to our hardwiring (NERVE SYSTEM) are needed. What this does is it enables your INNATE WISDOM (WHO YOU TRULY ARE) to properly control and coordinate the function of your entire body and also PERCEIVE the environment (the world) in a way that is CONSTRUCTIVE. Your INNATE WISDOM uses your Nerve System to make precise adjustments IN YOUR BODY to an ever changing environment so your can properly PERCEIVE, RESPOND, ADAPAPT, GROW, DEVELOP AND EVOLVE.

The only goal of ChiropracTIC is to regularly check the body to see if your INNATE WISDOM (YOU) is being expressed with EASE. If it is not, it is our ONLY duty to lovingly and gently INITIATE the adjustment process so you may express proper tone with ease and once again see things as you are, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL.


The Grow Light

By Scott Lloyd, D.C.

“Life is ever changing,’s dynamic, ...the cells in your body are replacing themselves constantly, …you are never the same ‘you’, because you are constantly changing”. These statements I seem to share often with the people I care for in my chiropractic office. Did you ever stop to think about how amazing your body is? 50,000 of the cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells, all while you have been reading this sentence! In 1 square inch of skin there lie 4 yards of nerve fibers, 1300 nerve cells, 100 sweat glands, 3 million cells, and 3 yards of blood vessels. Nerve impulses between the body and brain can travel as fast as 286 miles per hour. One human brain generates more electrical impulses in a single day than all of the world's telephones put together.

Wow, we are truly magnificent, and life is completely amazing. What is this wonderful and mysterious thing we call life? Well, one thing we know is that it shows up as electrical energy in our nerve system. You see, the difference between dead or alive is the absence or presence of electrical energy in the nerve system. It’s not the nerve system, all the parts of the body, or its chemicals. Even a corpse has a nerve system, all its parts, and all its chemicals. As stated before, the only difference between someone alive and someone dead is the electrical energy that travels ov er the nerve system, and it’s this energy in the nerve system that gives power and function to the body. All of the amazing and wonderful things your body does are regulated by nerve energy. This is why I call nerve energy – Life Energy.

The nerve energy in your body gives life to each and every cell. Your nerve energy is responsible for growing your cells. The nerve energy in your body is like a grow light. Think of an indoor garden with grow lights. If the light is full and in the proper amount, the plants will grow well (with good soil (food) and water of course). If the lights are shut off, the plants will wither and die. What if the lights are dimmed? The plants will wither, become weak and unhealthy. Well, this same thing is what often happens in people. Our nerve energy can be dimmed, and over time, we weaken and get unhealthy. This is why chiropractic care is so important, because it helps turn on the nerve energy in the full and proper amounts to every part of the body. And when your nerve energy is working best, you are at your best.

The reason I work with the spine as a chiropractor is because I am interested in the nerve energy. Your spine affects your nerve energy and your nerve energy affects your life. Everything you think, say, or do is perceived and carried out through your nerve system - everything. Your nerve energy controls your heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, muscles, eyes...everything. Simply put, better nerve energy creates a better life. This is why using chiropractic care as a lifestyle choice for better health and well being is so much more exciting, fun, and powerful than just using it for pain relief.&a mp;n bsp; Find a chiropractor who promotes wellness and get yourself adjusted regularly to keep the grow lights inside you working for your best life now!

Thank you for your reading, God Bless

New Beginnings for a New Future
Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend

When: Sept 28 - Oct 1, 2006

Where: Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, Eatontown, New Jersey, for reservations, call the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center today at 1-732-542-6500 and ask for the special New Beginnings rate -

Who: Click Here for Full List of Speakers

Special Events:

Continuing Education Credit returns to New Beginnings with speakers YOU WANT TO HEAR. 14 hours with such notable speakers as Dick Plummer, Cheryl Langley, Dave Smith, Bill Decken, Gary Horwin, Bob Braile -- and that is only Thursday Sept. 28th.

Friday Continuing Education speakers include: Kevin Donka, Kevin Fogarty, Chris Kent, Pat Gentempo, and Eric Plasker. There's more ----

Saturday -- Jeanne Ohm, Tony Carino, Peter Kevorkian, and Jim Sigafoose.

Continuing Education with speaker's who talk your language! Couple that with the rest of the fabulous New Beginnings lineup and you have a magical weekend

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