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Next New Beginnings - April 20 - 23, 2006


Sharon Gorman, DC

If you want to feel god you have to use your senses. I see God in people's eyes. I see him in the people's eyes I love and I see it in people's eyes I don't even know. When I look at a stranger and they look at me back I see in them the same stuff that I have in me.

The same God lives in them as lives in me. Sometimes I can get sad if I think of the loved ones that passed. I vividly remember the love that they had for me in their eyes when they looked at me.

Love didn't die when they died. I live so they live. I see in my children's eyes the same life that once breathed through them and now still breathes through me. We are all made of the same stuff.

We definitely all channel it differently through our life experiences and through what we think about ourselves yet it is all the same breathe of life. When I feel fear which for me is the opposite of faith all I have to do is take a look at someone else and it reminds me of the gift of life that I am.

Now if I was blind I would have developed my other senses to feel God in all life that is around me. I so often complicate my life and I forget to live in the moment. Looking in someone else's eyes centers me. I can not look into a patients eyes without totally being with them. I see the good in them. I remember who they are.

They are a child of God. No matter what they might be thinking or even saying in the moment I must focus myself on the fact that they have the same God running through their veins that runs through mine. They might have not have gotten as much love in their past so their life might look different than mine but they are the same. They might be operating their life out of fear or shame but I see through their eyes their sameness to me.

When I see that sameness I can only love them more because if I truly love myself then I love them too. If I don't give them love then I can't keep love. I can't keep anything that I won't give away. I can't keep loving if I don't accept love too. I can only give what I have and I have got to allow myself to be vulnerable enough to receive.

It is often easier to give then to receive. I have to truly let my guard down and appear in my humanness to be able to et it in. When I let it in, it nurtures me so that I can boldly continue the cycle. I am in love with them and they love me. All the other stuff is just a bunch a stuff.

My life is so simple. I need to stay in the moment and stay in love. Building a connection builds a relationship. Being in active practice puts me in the relationship business. The more people I am willing to have a relationship with the bigger my practice gets. As I increase my capacity to love and to connect the God in my with the God in them I become richer in all ways.

Seems hard to believe we just finished up with our Winter 2006 New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend.

Jim Dubel, DC


It was just a "moment" ago that we had our first one back in 1991.

One thing for sure everyone who was with us still loved Chiropractic and its philosophy! Another thing was that in all the years we have had our New Beginnings Philosophy Weekends, Chiropractic has NOT changed!!

The same principles are working.. they same adjustment done the same way to correct the subluxation.

No improvement has ever been necessary when it comes to our wonderful profession. Still done by hand, results are still magnificent and modern technology still can't recreate that simple adjustment.

But, with everything being said time still flies by. Its been fourteen years since we first meet to share the philosophy of Chiropractic. Only a moment ago in my memory and many have come and gone since.

I guess it's time to start thinking about all the things I need to do that I thought about 14 years ago.. Time to realign myself to principled Chiropractic, time to recommit myself to serving.

Time to have fun in Chiropractic again, time to share it with everyone I come into contact with.

The time is now.. for in another "moment" it may be to late!

Hope to see you at New Beginnings in April of 2006..
It is only a moment away !!

All My Love, Loyalty and Friendship..

Jim Dubel


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