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Next New Beginnings - April 20 - 23, 2006


Mike LaRocca, DC

Thank you God for making me a Chiropractor, for the passion, desire and dedication to share the Principle of Life with each person and to education them to their perfection and the role of Chiropractic to remove the interference to that perfection.

Thank you for the physical and mental strength to care for as many people as I can see today. I ask for Your help. I knock on The door. I release myself completely and freely to the people, places and events that expand the depth and breadth of my physical, mental and spiritual experience for a greater good now and a greater good in the future.

Why Philosophy, Why Now ?

Bobby Tarantino , DC

The Chiropractic philosophy that guides our lives is not a new idea. Many philosophies throughout history have recognized an “inner something”, a coordinating energy that regulates, guides and directs the human body while it is alive.

What makes our Chiropractic philosophy different is the recognition that in order for that innate guidance to take place it must have a conduit to achieve that purpose. Here is where the human nervous system achieves its most important function…allowing the ‘spiritual’ innate to communicate with the ‘physical’ body.

If that communication is interfered with there can be no perfect human performance. Many things can create that interference and therefore be the cause of a lack of communication between the human and the being; e.g. physical actions, chemical agents, thought processes, etc.

We in Chiropractic deal with the physical aspect in the form of a vertebral subluxation, a small thing that has BIG consequences. We, as Chiropractors, serve two purposes: one, to correct vertebral subluxations, then sit back and watch as better communication of ‘being’ to ‘human’ unfolds; and two, to educate humanity to a better, more enlightened way of thinking.

The results most times are amazing. From physical changes to spiritual awakenings…it’s all there as a direct result of your service to humanity. Take no credit, except for the delivery of a well done correction via the Chiropractic adjustment. Enjoy your achievement briefly and move on. The world is in need, so…

What Are You Waiting For?

The LIGHT is always shining

Louis Corleto, DC

Early in December I’m flying back from Portland Oregon. I was with friends celebrating their marriage vows. The weather for the weekend was, as is normal for Portland this time of year, overcast- cold and cloudy. We experienced rain on and off all weekend and it was just above freezing temperatures.

The most challenging thing was the lack of sun light. Even though it was only a few days, it started to affect me on many levels in an emotional/ energetic way. Biologically the “lack” of light affects our pineal gland and our serotonin production leading to impact on our mental/emotional body.

The time came to depart the North West coast and fly back home. Again on the day of departure it was dark, gloomy and rainy. As the plane takes-off and ascends to reach our cruising altitude we break through the thick layer of clouds and “Walla”- the sun shining in all of its awesome splendor as it ALWAYS DOES.

This external event reminded me of our internal process and a gift to re-member. During those times when life seems to be too much or so overwhelming that darkness seems to set in, re-member that the sun is always shinning above the clouds. A re-minder that YOUR sun (inner LIGHT) is always shining. So focus on rising above your “clouds” and the light is always there!!!!

Remember subluxation literally means: sub; less, lux; light, ation; a situation of – a situation of not shinning (expressing) our light. When we are subluxated we are not expressing our light or life, our innate intelligence to its fullest. The purpose of the adjusting process is to allow the full expression of our life = our INNER LIGHT.

Keep Setting YOURSELF FREE!!!

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