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Next New Beginnings - September 27- 30, 2007


Presented by Dr. Andrew De Saro

Being a student can often be very difficult at times. There are tests, reports, projects and classes that one must pass to be successful. Your schedule is filled with classes and/or labs except for an open hour or two on some days for when you can eat. The work you do is constantly under review all the while it is expected for you to have instant knowledge of all the material for the courses you are currently taking.

Sometimes you ask, " Why am I doing all of this" or, even, "WHAT am I doing." And questions that challenge our thinking and our actions are good for us to reflect upon to help keep our purpose and focus. While in school, these questions help remind you that there is a greater purpose that is outside in the "real" world, where you are trying to be. Ironically, often times when you look back at your experiences as a student, you have such fond thoughts and memories that you think it would be much easier to be a student again.

What changed from being a student and wanting to be "out" from being "out" and wanting to be a student?

Many of us don't realize that it is our perspective that has changed. Perspective is what gives us our view of our current self or situation. Having different perspectives is often the cause for disagreements, arguments and, even, wars. Our perspective comes from our experiences and what we were thinking and feeling at the time of the event. For example, isn't easier to go to talk over a difficult conversation with someone else when they're in a good mood. It's about how they are feeling at the time and whether or not you will have a pleasant experience or not.

So, you say, "What's all this have to do with me or students or Chiropractic?" Well, try teaching someone about car maintenance if you have never been taught yourself. Sometimes, it is important for us to remember or practice being a good student so we can then be able to more effectively teach others. The same is true for your practice members. Remember what was it like to not know about the benefits of Chiropractic and what would have made you listen to someone telling you. Did you make the same choices about your nutrition? Or your exercise? Or your adjusting schedule? New Beginnings is the home for principled Chiropractic and a place to renew your perspective. It is where others share from their hearts to touch yours in the most magnificent ways.

Having the great opportunity to work with students from all over the world has reminded me how it was to be a student. The work reminds me now how to be a good student. What does it mean to be a good student? Realize your own greatness. Allow yourself to see the vision your mentors hold of you. I look upon the students with great excitement, for they have the world before them and are destined for greatness. We must remember it was not that long ago we were in those same seats with others looking upon us and encouraging us to step up and realize our full potential. We all love to encourage the students to be BIG in their lives, let's remember to show them how its done. See you all at the next New Beginnings!


To be Domesticated,
Or not to be domesticated?

This is the question to ask!

Domestication of the human being?
Domestication of the Chiropractor?

by Dr. Lou Corleto

How do we domesticate anything? Well, for me, it is simply “breaking” its Spirit. Teaching “it” to believe “it” is not what “it” truly is. We domesticate animals, plants, humans, and yes, even chiropractors.  The methods we choose to use to domesticate varies, but the end result is the same- WE “forget” who We ARE!!!

When we use the punishment reward cascade we get the domesticated “thing” to do as we wish, for “it” now is looking for acceptance outside of itself.  Majestic animals will do tricks for a “bone”, highly intelligent mammals once domesticated will do tricks for fish and a pat on the head. As humans, we will dishonor ourselves to our core in order to “get love”, get acceptance. Teens with peer pressure will smoke, drink, and take drugs to fit in, gang members will rape and kill to get in.  We will tolerate abuse to have people like us.  We do this so well, and for so long, we eventually do it to ourselves.  We become Auto-domesticated (a great term used by Don Miguel Ruiz).

Chiropractors, sadly have also become domesticated.  In order to be accepted by the “real doctors” we fought to be called physicians, in order to prove our “worthiness” we sold our collective soul for insurance reimbursement and 12 “treatments” from Medicare.

To go from being “just a chiropractor” to becoming a DOCTOR we went from 18 months of deep TIC training to 4 years of deep Medical training. If we refer to the real doctors, those “patients” that have “medical” problems, we will get our pats on the head and play safe, and avoid getting into trouble for “delaying medical treatment”. 

We feel safe in our “clinics” “treating” our musculoskeletal aches that the establishment will allow us to have.  If you join the right PPO (pitiful provider organization) or the HMO (humiliating mutilating organization) and fill out enough papers that satisfy your domesticator they might throw you a “bone” - $$$$.

Humanity has been asleep for a long time. Chiropractors have chosen to domesticate their own!!!

Time to wake up!!!

Time to reclaim your Life

Time to become a free human

Time to become a free TOR.

Time to re-member who you BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Scientists tell us that we use 7-10 % of our brains. Well, if the scientists that came up with this conclusion only uses 7-10 % of their brains, why should we listen to them???

 When did Spirit, God, Allah, the cookie monster, what ever you want to call  this Universal Intelligence- die and leave the allopathic model in charge?  Why did humanity (& many chiros) fall for the purposeful brainwashing, via this dark force? The intentional use of words, consciously and subconsciously, programming people. When did a health challenge (what ever you want to label it: fever, infection, system disorder, and yes, even CANCER) become a “medical” problem instead of a health challenge?

 The reality is, it is only a health challenge and one that YOU created!!! In this truth you now have options.  You can pick the assistant/ practitioner of your desire- one that resonates with your values and healing philosophies based on mutual support and empowerment and lifestyle changes.  Not FEAR, control, intimidation and disempowerment. Yes, we do it also!!! “ You have  stage 72 spinal degeneration and you have to get adjusted for the rest of your life or you’ll have a horrible death, and your bunny will get run over”.

 You see if it is a “medical problem” versus a health challenge then by logic and programming, who is the only one who can “logically” take care of these “medical conditions”? Well of course, a “medical person”- what ever you label them as: an MD, DO, a nurse,  and yes even our chiropractic physicians. This awesome marketing propaganda has worked beyond, I believe, even their own hope and intent. The tools used to “treat” these medical problems are drugs, surgery, therapy, etc., and look how our profession (not our vocation) is following suit! 

 To the point of being the most polluted, numbed out, drugged up society that has ever stepped foot on this planet.  We have become so disconnected with who we are we forget our connection to everything.  We have raped mother earth, we consistently kill each other, we shove drugs and poisons into our children in many forms: medications, shots and even the so-called food supply. 

As chiropractors we even changed our terminology to get acceptance from society and misled the public about our purpose and original intent handed down by DD.   I  love when I hear domesticated humans, who are “practicing chiropractic”, make statements about the archaic and antiquated philosophy and that metaphysical stuff which has nothing to do with “modern” chiropractic.  Well, those free humans who are serving TIC, understand what DD passed on from Spirit.  “The purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to reunite man the spiritual with man the physical, so that the finite may know itself as the Infinite.”     D.D. Palmer, D.C.

Metaphysical?  Meta= above or beyond  + physical = beyond the physical.

Well, what is it that does the healing? Meaning what is the source beyond the vehicle – beyond the body? One of the old mantras in chiropractic is  “the power that made the body is the power that heals the body”. Well, kind of, and kind of not.  What is in all those graves? BODIES!!

So where is the “what” that was running the body? The metaphysical?

 How about the power that made the body uses the body to experience life in this dimension and when it’s done learning it leaves the body to return to the metaphysical from which it came? 

So let’s stop “fixing” people, let’s stop “saving” people, let’s stop dishonoring and disempowering them and LET’S start setting them free-

Free to do what they came here to do!!!

 No one outside of them knows exactly what that is and as long as they are subluxated and domesticated they don’t know either (no, I don’t mean the bone on a nerve mechanical subluxation-but an interfearence

to expressing your divine self  kind of sub-lux-ation).

So who is willing to re-member?

Who is willing to free themselves?

A great prophet once said “only we can free ourselves- we have to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery”. Here is to setting them & us free!!!


 The only way to change the world out there, is to change the world in here!

What did you come here to do? Treat carpal tunnel or assist people in re-membering who they be??

Martin Luther King showed us, via his life, that if you surrender to your mission, even in the face of “death”, you’ll be free!


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