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Next New Beginnings - September 27- 30, 2007

The Difference That Makes The Difference

Presented by Dr. Jay Handt

Whenever I speak around the country, I’m always asked what the difference is between the chiropractors who are ultra-successful and those who are always struggling. So often, we can look back and see all the things they have in common. They went to the same chiropractic college, took the same classes, often got the same grades, attended similar seminars, and maybe even belong to the same management company. Yet, once in practice, one has the practice of his dreams, sees all the patients that they want, generates the income he aspired to, has the family, the house, the cars and a great life-style; while the other is constantly struggling to get by, to make ends meet. The question now is: what’s the difference that makes the difference?

I can only answer that question with another question to you. Are you practicing chiropractic or are you living chiropractic? They way you answer that question will ultimately determine the level of success you have, not only in practice, but in your entire life! There’s a huge difference between being a chiropractor and being chiropracTIC! One implies a profession, a job. The other implies a life-style – a way of living, where everything you do is somehow, in some way, inter-connected to the innate life-style. It’s about trusting universal intelligence. It’s about trusting innate intelligence. It’s about listening to that wee, small voice inside as your guide, and acting on those thoughts.

Because, you see, when you live, eat, sleep and breathe an innate, chiropractic life, you are naturally passionate about what you do, how you do it and most importantly, why you do it. So, the difference that makes the difference is choosing to be chiropracTIC living an innate life-style, instead of “doing” chiropractic as a job, making a decent income and looking forward to retiring!

When chiropractic is in every cell of your body, everything you do is chiropractic. When chiropractic is a job, everything you do is work, it’s a pain in the A… and you can’t wait to leave it all at the office!

At New Beginnings, We are not about making a living, even though living a Chiropractic life has afforded my family a fantastic lifestyle; we’re not about the right form, the best technique, or the perfect practice management system. What we’re about, is chiropracTIC! We’re about living the dream! We are about the innate chiropractic way of life for you your family and everyone you touch!



by Dr. Sam P.Selimo

*      For you as a human being to declare your place in this universe.

*      For you to start working through innate not using innate.

*      For you as Doctor of Chiropractic too not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

*      For you to start teaching and preaching Chiropractic without compromise.

*      To stop the confusion of our young Chiropractors as to, what is right and wrong!

*      To help our young Chiropractors understand that the Principles of Chiropractic are the Principles of Life itself!

*      To Love Chiropractic and what it is “The Truth”.

*      To take a stand!

*      To be Strong!

*      To FIGHT for what is TRUTH!

*      To dig deep inside yourself!

*      Are you ready!

*      New Beginnings is!

*      IT’S TIME!


New Beginnings for a New Future
Chiropractic Growth & Philosophy Weekend

When: September 27 - 30, 2007

Where: Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, Eatontown, New Jersey, for reservations, call the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center today at 1-732-542-6500 and ask for the special New Beginnings rate -

Learn more: Visit our website at

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