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Next New Beginnings - April 24 - 27, 2008

New Beginnings opens Chiropractic Depot
to help NB Student Fund!

New Beginnings has just opened a new online storefront with products and supplies for doctors of chiropractic. This storefront is the Now You Know Inc. professional version of the Chiropractic Depot and contains hundreds of products and supplies that you can use in your chiropractic office.

The best part is that each time you make a purchase in the Chiropractic Depot professional storefront, 100% of the NB commissions will go directly to the New Beginnings Student Fund. This fund creates the future by uniting students with Chiropractic Philosophy. These funds go directly to students by paying for New Beginnings tuition and aiding in hotel accommodations. The fund began as a vision to fill a need. The need was to empower this profession with strong, committed, principled graduates. To do so, students today need to share in the passion of practicing DCs. They need Chiropractic Philosophy at its best. They need New Beginnings.

All products in the Chiropractic Depot are offered at a discount.  So, not only do you save money, but you also help students be a part of the New Beginnings experience.   You can enter the NB Chiropractic Depot storefront using the button on the front page of the NB website at

Our Hearts Desire
Dr Michael La Rocca

There is an Indian story about a traveler in search of work. This traveler comes upon a construction crew and excitedly asks the job supervisor for work. The supervisor says, sure we have work for you. Go and roll this boulder up and down the hill until your done working. The traveler says, no you donít understand. I need money. The supervisor replies sure I can give you money but you canít spend it. The traveler becomes frustrated and begins to speak between sobs. I need food, clothing and shelter for my family. The supervisor responds back to the traveler, oh I now understand. You may go to the company buffet but you canít eat. You can go to the company clothing store but you canít ware the clothes and you can have the company house but you canít live in it. The traveler with the emotions of anger, stress and clinched fists is ready to attack the supervisor, suddenly pauses. His eyes widen and the corners of his mouth turn up as he comes to understand what the supervisor is teaching. He realizes he was not searching for material things but rather for a feeling of fulfillment, a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.

I have come to know that we are all travelers in search of many apparent physical things but our search continues once we attain the desired objects. If those objects were truly our hearts desire then why is it we still want bigger, faster, shinier and brighter things?
If we chiropractors, who are financially able to attain these things still donít find lasting joy than what of the majority of our patients. What degree of frustration might they experience?

As supervisors of health, it is our purpose to share enlightenment with patients. They come to us with various symptoms and we relate those symptoms to spinal subluxations. We expand on this idea and look beyond the symptom and adjust to unite mans innate with universal spirit, to become whole. Our travelers, whose lives have become trapped in a physical mind set through generations of physical existence. They live from one hope and wish to the next with some degree of physical impairment.

All life has the potential for suffering. Our patients unknowingly seek ease, just as the traveler seeking work, to become whole. The feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction and peace of mind are powerful motivators and easily become attainable once we know what our end point is.

As we become clearer in our vision, we can share it with our patients. With each patient taking control of their health, they will not only be physically well but at peace. It is when we become less attached, that we begin to enjoy life.

The adjustment with the extra special something takes on a grander meaning. We become on with our patients and those we meet throughout our life path. We can help each other to be fulfilled when we know where our path is leading us. Many times our friends and patients donít know what they really want. They have a misunderstanding of symptoms and events. Only when we begin to enlighten them to their true path does our own path become clearer. Our joy and peace spreads to others we meet. It is difficult to stay angry when we are with a friend filled with energy. Our outlook brightens and we too begin to smile.

Our habits then come into play whether we fall back to gloom and doom or stay on our new path. We are in total control of our attitude and can begin to change at any moment we choose.

How simple the life experience is. How simple it is for us to make it complicated with expectations. When we are grateful for what we have and where we are we become unattached to results. We truly live in the moment and find peace, satisfaction and fulfillment in even the smallest of daily events. We then begin to take on the smell of the rose. We are the rose.

Character and Integrity
presented by Dr. Bill Henry

Simple, straight-forward acts demonstrate our true character and integrity. This following story reminds me of just how easy it is to live one's life with a very easy guideline, "Does this action I am about to do, support my life-style goals? If so, great! If not, choose a different action/behavior and then ask the question again.


Story: Maintain Your Integrity

A while back, there was a story about Reuben Gonzolas, who was in the final match of his first professional racquetball tournament.

He was playing the perennial champion for his first shot at a victory on the pro circuit.

At match point in the fifth and final game, Gonzolas made a super "kill shot" into the front corner to win the tournament.

The referee called it good, and one of the linemen confirmed the shot was a winner.

But after a moment's hesitation, Gonzolas turned and declared that his shot had skipped into the wall, hitting the floor first.

As a result, the serve went to his opponent, who went on to win the match.

Reuben Gonzolas walked off the court; everyone was stunned.

The next issue of a leading racquetball magazine featured Gonzolas on its cover.

The lead editorial searched and questioned for an explanation for the first ever occurrence on the professional racquetball circuit.

Who could ever imagine it in any sport or endeavor?

Here was a player with everything officially in his favor, with victory in his grasp, who disqualifies himself at match point and loses.

When asked why he did it, Gonzolas replied, "It was the only thing I could do to maintain my integrity."


New Beginnings for a New Future
Chiropractic Growth & Philosophy Weekend

When: April 24 - 27, 2008

Where: Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, Eatontown, New Jersey, for reservations, call the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center today at 732-542-6500 and ask for the special New Beginnings rate -

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