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Next New Beginnings - September 25 - 28, 2008

'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.'
by Dr. Jim Dubel

What this means is you have to work for things in Life that you desire...

I have heard Chiropractors complain about their location, lack of patients or lack of cash or that the profession has changed! .....

What I say to this is nonsense!!

If you are passionate about something....I mean really passionate... and follow your innate dreams of being a successful Chiropractor, who sees miracles in their practice...
IT CAN and WILL HAPPEN !! You need to BELIEVE in Chiropractic and yourself!

When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your heart and hands to receive something better.

Concentrate on this sentence...

'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

Something good always happens once you believe it will happen, something that you have been waiting to hear or see. If you look for and recognize the miracles God gives us every day, you will find them.... most of us breeze by these everyday items without ever giving them a thought ... If you were to adjust one child, even just one time... and corrected a subluxation that enabled them to express life to its fullest... and years later they became a world leader, wouldn't that be enough reason to keep on Believing?? Well it happens every day.. even if your not aware... and you may never see the result... You MUST Believe and start looking for and expecting these Miracles...

Believe in yourself and in the wonders of CHIROPRACTIC they will unveil themselves to you in time...

I hope you can join me for some passion and miracles this Sept at New Beginnings... I Believe it will change your Life... Join me in doing something you have never done and get something you have never had!

All My Love, Loyalty and Friendship...

Jim Dubel

The Power of Our Example

Dr. Bobby Braile

In a speech at the Democratic National convention, former President Bill Clinton uttered words that sent chills up my spine and brought tears to my eyes. Clinton said, “People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power.”

Aside from the political implication of this statement, these words got me thinking of their implication to chiropractic, New Beginnings and life itself. There has been one consistent criticism that I have heard from young doctors and students who have attended various programs in chiropractic that proclaim to teach the principle. This criticism usually suggests that the individual on the stage is talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

The unfortunate reality is that there have been many speakers in chiropractic that say one thing from the stage while doing something completely different in their office or business. They usually justify or rationalize their activities by saying that they really don’t do that too much, or just in certain instances.

In spite of the words we speak, it is the “Power of Our Example” that really says who we are. How we conduct our own affairs says more about us than anything we could say from a platform.

This is one thing I that have always admired about New Beginnings. The speakers at New Beginnings have always walked the walk of their talk. My intent is not to cast any aspersions on other speakers at other programs. There are many speakers at many programs who are the real deal and do lead by the power of their example. But New Beginnings has consistently brought to the platform those speakers whose practices we would all be proud of.

The words “Power of Our Example” should be something we live our lives by. We should be proud at all times, under all circumstances, of what we do and why. If BJ Palmer or Fred Barge could walk into our clinics, we should be proud of what is going on there. We should not have to worry about what these departed leaders would think, about how we practice and conduct our affairs. For if we have that little twinge in our hearts, if we feel the need to rationalize anything we do, our patients will perceive this, and our practices will suffer.

The “Power of Our Example”, is indeed a creed we should live by.

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New Beginnings for a New Future
Chiropractic Growth & Philosophy Weekend

When: September 25 - 28, 2008

Where: Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, Eatontown, New Jersey, for reservations, call the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center today at 732-542-6500 and ask for the special New Beginnings rate -

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