October, 2011


From Rose Panico / Bill Remling

DID YOU KNOW THAT-----------------------------------
* One cubic inch of the brain's cortex contains 10,000 m9les of connecting tissue.

* Your brain gets signals from 137 million light receptors in your eyes, 100,000 hearing receptors in your ears, 3,000 taste buds in your mouth, 30,000 hat spots, 250,000 cold spots, and 500,000 touch spots on your skin.

* Electrical impulses flash along your nerves at 393 feet per second, or about 270  miles per hour.

* In nine months, 6,000 billion cells form an average baby.

* Your heart pumps about 21/2 gallons of blood per minute. If you could loan your heart to to pump donor blood into pint bottles, it would fill so may bottles in one year that they could stretch from New York City to Cleveland, Ohio.

* If your blood cells were put in a single row, it would extend around the world four times at the equator. Every second between 2-3 million red blood cells are launched into the blood stream.

* There are more than 600 muscles in your body. Many muscles work in a team.

* The retina of the eye contains 137 million nerve endings that carry the picture to the brain.

* Your lungs contain a half billion tiny air sacs with a surface area of 40 to 60 square miles.

* In 70 years, your stomach will produce about 60,000 quarts of digestive juice, it will digest about 40 tons of 80,000 pounds of food.

* Each kidney contains one million functional units that filter your blood.

* Your brain regulates, stimulates, creates and controls all these body functions and millions of others. When the body is functioning normal, we tend to forget about the very complex activities that are constantly going on. Nonetheless, the cells keep functioning and reproducing themselves.

* The organs and the glands keep regulating such diverse activities as digestion and growth, and the nerve system keeps receiving, reterpreting and sending messages. Without this continuing harmony and coordinating activities, this could be no psychological life as we know it.

* The body has two major systems for coordinating ----integrating----behavior.

1- The endocrine system which consists of a number of glands that secrete chemical messages into the bloodstream. These chemicals perform a variety of functions, including preparation of nerves and muscle to act, control of metabolism,  development of secondary sexual traits.

2- This nerve system relays messages in this form of impulses throughout the body. ie: Burn a finger. It involves a highly complex set of activities,

a- Special sensory neurons pick up the message the finger is burned. They pass this information along to the spinal cord, which triggers a quick withdrawal of the hand, At the same time, the message is being sent to other parts of your nerve system. Your body goes on emergency alert. You breathe faster, your heart pounds, your entire body mobilizes itself against the wound. At the same time, the indocrine system gets involved. Hormones such as epinephrine are released into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body supplement and reinforces the efforts of the nerve system activity.

b- Meantime your brain continues to interpret the messages being sent to it. You experience pain. Your turn your hand over to examine the burn. You might walk over to the sink to run cold water over it. nerve system has all numerous parts that will work together. There are still functions of the body that are mysteries to date.

Neuron: There are more than 100 billion nerve cells or neurons in the brain of an average human being. That is more more than twenty times the amount of people living on earth, and their are billions more in other parts of the nerve system. Like all other cells, each one has a cell body which contains a nucleolus where metabolism and respiration take place; this cell body is called a membrane. Unlike other cells, neurons have tiny fibers extending from the cell body that enables the neuron to receive messages from the surrounding cells, and pass them on to other cells. No other cells are equipped to do this.

The short fibers, like feelers, singers that branch out from the cell body are called dendrites. These pack up messages coming in from surrounding areas and carry them to the cell body. Also extending from the cell body of the neuron is a single long fiber called the axion. It is very thin and longer than the dendrites. From brain to the base of the spinal cord, or spinal cord to tip of thumb nay be as long as three feet, but more axons bundled together are one to two inches long.

The axon carries outgoing messages from cells and either relays them to neighboring neurons, or directs a muscle or a gland to take action. A group of axons bundled together like parallel wires in an electrical cable is called a nerve.

Pretty incredible information to share with every chiropractor you know and with every patient or prospective patient we can talk to. Outlaw Jim Dubel

Inner Beauty, Inner Light

by Dr. Frank Bowling

Hello, my friends.

Emerson wrote, “There is no object so foul that intense light will not make beautiful.” Though he was a philosopher, when Emerson wrote those words he was simply describing the natural world. His appreciation of nature was so great, he marveled at everything in it, and the more clearly illuminated by sun or moon or stars, the more fantastic he thought each animal or insect or blade of grass or grain of sand became.

Certainly, Emerson’s words are true in the context in which he wrote them, but being an incorrigible armchair philosopher myself, reading them instantly sent my mind spinning off into an interpretation that perhaps he never intended, though one of which I feel certain he would approve.

I am, generally speaking, a positive thinker. I mostly see the glass half full. I expect that things are eventually going to work out for the best, and am fond of saying, “There’s a reason for everything,” though often times we may have great difficulty discerning what in the world that reason might be.

And so, when I read the words “intense light” in Emerson’s essay, I could not help thinking about the clarity that can come from focused attention in the present moment. So often, we find ourselves functioning on autopilot, and when faced with difficult people or situations, our initial or even sustained response may be to classify them as negative, or ugly, or in Emerson’s word, “foul.”

Yet, there is in this vast universe of ours an organization so complex, and so perfectly orchestrated and synchronized, any cognizant and coherent person must surely see behind and beneath it a supreme intelligence, a divine hand. Surely, there must be a Master Plan, and if there is, surely everything that happens to us must be a part of that Grand Design.

It would seem to behoove us, then, to the best of our ability, to judge nothing that occurs, to accept people and events as they are, and to look inside our own hearts for the courage and wisdom to learn from them whatever we are meant to learn. We’re here to grow, and everything that happens to us is an opportunity to further that growth. If we can develop the ability and the habit of seeing the world and everything in it from that perspective, perhaps we can spark within ourselves that intense light of which Emerson wrote, so that all things may become for us truly beautiful, and we ourselves truly beautiful in return.

Wishing you health, happiness and peace,

Dr. Frank Bowling

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