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Welcome to the Premiere issue of "The 34th Principle". 

DD Palmer is gone, BJ Palmer is gone, and now even Fred Barge is gone.  The message of chiropractic, however, will continue on.  It is now up to all of us to spread the principles of chiropractic world wide.

This new free email newsletter is the combined effort of the New Beginnings chiropractic philosophy meetings and Now You Know Internet educational company.  In this email newsletter we will be spreading the message of the principles of chiropractic to the world.

Each month "The 34th Principle" will bring words, wisdom, and insight from many of the professions best philosophers who have shared their love of chiropractic at New Beginnings.  Some of these newsletters will speak on pure philosophy, while others will focus on the implementation of that philosophy into practice.

To start this first edition we would like to reprint BJ Palmer's last written words.

Time always has and always will perpetuate those methods which better serve mankind. Chiropractic is no exception.

My illustrious father placed this trust in my keeping, to keep it pure and unsullied or defamed. I pass it on to you unstained, to protect as he would have you do. As he passed on, so will I. We admonish you to keep this principle and practice unadulterated and unmixed. Humanity needed then what he gave us.

You need now what I give you.

Out there in those great open spaces are multitudes seeking what you possess. The burdens are heavy; responsibilities are many; obligations are providential; but the satisfaction of traveling the populated highways and byways, relieving suffering and adding millions of years to lives of millions of people, will bring forth satisfaction and glories with greater blessings than you think.

Time is of the essence.

May God flow from above down His bounteous strengths, courage and understanding to carry on; and may your Innates receive and act on that free flow of wisdom from above down, inside out... for you have in your possession a sacred trust.

Guard it well.
BJ Palmer, DC, PhC


Just got back from the Labor Day Holiday. Four full days at my beach house with nothing to do but fish and enjoy the sun. Yea, I wish. One day of sun followed by three days of rain forced an early return home. As soon as I got home, though, the itch set in. I needed to be in my office. I could feel the excitement returning as soon as I pulled into the driveway (I have a home office). Even though the office was closed for the day, I had to get in there and do something. The new school year brings a sense of excitement and change for everyone. Moms and kids are on a different schedule and contact with friends is renewed. The summer is a time for being laid-back and reflective. Itís now time to kick things into gear. Everyone is ready for change.

My mind started to race. ď What can I do to create change and therefore excitement in my office?Ē, I asked myself. So, the first thing I did was look at some of the many videos I have purchased over the years. I blew the dust off them and picked two to show in my waiting room. I know you are probably saying ďSo whatís the big deal? Iíve done that one before.Ē The point is IíVE never done that before; it was something NEW to me! The amount of talk and excitement it created around the waiting room boosted my office energy up a notch and did wonders for my energy, too.

So donít just stand there. Do something. And sometimes it doesnít even matter what you do. If you are successful, and see yourself as such, you can only add to your success by doing something different. If the change you made doesnít work the way you thought it would, do away with it, and continue to do the things that work for you. And donít forget; donít be idle in the office. If there is a lull, and you are not adjusting patients, make sure you are doing something chiropractic in the office. This thirty-fourth principle will keep YOU on your toes and your patients excited about chiropractic.

Tony DeMarco, D.C.,F.C.S.C.


" There are no new fundamentals, You've got to be a little suspicious of someone who says, ' I've got a new fundamental' That's like someone inviting you to tour a factory where they are manufacturing antiques". CEO/EX-Football Coach Jim Rohn

I read this and it reminded me of our NB mission. How we walk the walk and talk the talk always within the basic principles of life. Our families and chiropractic offices are the direct results, the friendships we develop with our patients, the way our children respond to life situations with principle.

You see NB doesn't try to create "new antiques", it deals with the reality of truth. So beware of the man on the corner saying " would you like some candy little girl", or "I've got a new fundamental to change your life".  We all know who they are! Its time to stand up for the chiropractic principle, ARE YOU READY!!

New Beginnings is not for the weak of mind or heart. Its for the select few who want to make a difference, who are strong enough to take a stand.  ARE YOU READY?

Join the NB team. Because its time to care!!
Love Sam Selimo DC


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