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Passing On The Legacy
Kim Stetzel, DC

Our illustrious father placed this Chiropractic trust in our keeping, to keep it pure and not sullied or defamed. We pass it on to you unstained, to protect as he would also have you do.

As he passed on, so will we. We admonish you to keep this principle and practice unadulterated and unmixed. Humanity needed then what he gave us. You need what we now give you. Out there in those great open spaces are multitudes seeking what you possess.

The burdens are heavy; responsibilities are many; obligations are providential; but the satisfaction of traveling the populated highways and byways relieving suffering, prolonging lives, adding millions of years to lives of millions of suffering people, will bring forth satisfactions and glories with greater blessings than you think. Time is of the essence.

May God flow from above-down His bounteous strengths, courage, and understandings to carry on; and may your Innate receive and act on that free flow of wisdom from above-down, inside-out; for you have in your possession a sacred trust.
Guard it well.
B. J. Palmer

As we were charged by BJ, one of our most sacred duties is to promote and perpetuate the “Big Idea” of Chiropractic. We do this with each adjustment we give, each patient we educate, each orientation or workshop, each newsletter, each hand-out, each talk we give in the community, each screening, each action we take to reach out and teach more people.

Our mission sometimes seems daunting when we consider the overwhelming barrage of “outside in” messages which the public faces every day from media, society in general, friends, family, school, etc. Yet we keep on plugging away with the message that there’s an intelligence inside each of us which made us runs us and heals us. We teach that this intelligence is perfect and will do its job perfectly as long as there is no interference to its expression, and that subluxations interfere with our ability to express our full potential for life and health.

Our mission is also ambushed by those in our profession who would relegate us to an outside-in musculoskeletal back pain model or worse, doctors of Chiropractic medicine.

The mixed messages our profession sends out confuses the public about the true nature of Chiropractic and all it offers. It’s much easier for them to categorize us into a “natural” back pain box or as another “alternative” outside-in treatment.

Yet, despite the difficulties, we must stay focused on our mission and purpose. How do we do this? By banding together with those of like minds. New Beginnings gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our mission and be renewed by the energy and power, which comes from being with others who share a common purpose. At NB we get revitalized and recommitted. Together, we fortify those who are weary from the battle and kindle the fire of commitment in those new to principled Chiropractic.

This last is a key part of fulfilling our sacred trust – passing on the vision and mission to those coming behind us. In order to do this, we need schools, which teach the true nature of Chiropractic. Those of us who are philosophically grounded need to rise up and be counted and not let our profession be taken from us. Now, more than ever we cannot afford to sit idly by and watch history unfold. We have to be involved in helping to shape the course of history. This coming New Beginnings will feature many of the leaders who are currently helping to shape the course of Chiropractic history and who are actively working to preserve and perpetuate the principle that we love.

Finally, we need to pass this legacy on to our families. I am privileged to be a second generation Chiropractor and to have been raised with this principle all my life. I remember going to Chiropractic meetings as a child and remember my dad sitting around the kitchen table and teaching us the principles of Chiropractic. New Beginnings offers our children the opportunity to grow up in a Chiropractic family. At this April meeting we will be holding a session on Saturday afternoon for elementary and middle school age kids - to help them grow in their understanding and love of this incredible profession and have some fun understanding just how awesome they are. So, bring the whole family for an experience that will help to shape a lifetime.

The actions or inactions we take today will determine the legacy we pass on to future generations. We need to stay focused and stand up for what we believe in our practice, our community, and our profession and take it out to the world.

The 33 Principles are NOT just for Chiropractors!
By Dr. Lisa Rubin, Ph.D.

As a psychotherapist, people walk in my office everyday with emotional pain and suffering which changes their physiology and often manifests into physical symptomatology. When an individual walks into your offices with physical discomforts, you probably don’t know their full psychological history.

Everyone has a story, a little box with the lid locked tight, a closet door slammed shut and bolted, a ball and chain that gets thrown off balance, everyday, every night, at all times. It is so important to look at the whole person, not just their spine, not just their nervous system that emanates throughout their body controlling the whole master design. Listen to them and watch their body language and how they say what they say. People give you incredible clues into their lives, but first you must open your eyes and ears just a little more, each time you see them.

For instance, have you ever sat with an individual that felt so lost and out of touch with universal intelligence that they wanted to hurt himself/ herself or someone else? How do you tenderly touch their innate? Help them find light in the darkness. Listen. Guide. Teach gently the principles that chiropractic has taught us over the years.

To be responsible for someone else’s life is a huge responsibility, isn’t it? With that responsibility comes extra hours away from your family, sleepless nights of tossing and turning. Thoughts go through one’s mind, asking, “Did I do the right thing?” “Is the patient ok?” “Should I have made a different choice?” “Could I have done more, not just for their physical pain but for the emotional suffering as well?” That loud voice gets even louder, and it takes every ounce of energy to hear that ‘wee small voice’. To remove the ego, focus on the individual and know you are not walking in this journey alone.

So you see, many of your chiropractic principles apply not just to chiropractors; they are timeless laws that apply to all mankind, to every profession and person, young or old. Celebrate your uniqueness, and realize that your effects are far reaching, far more than you will ever know.

ICPA and New Beginnings Extravaganza Weeks Away

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Philosophy: Experience Chiropractic Philosophy: Keynote Philosophy Speakers: Drs. Guy Riekeman, Bob Hoffman, C.J. Mertz, Pasquale Cerasoli, Bob Braile, Eric Plasker, Tony DeMarco, Jay Handt, Peter Kevorkianand the rest of the New Beginnings Philosophy Team.

Science: Enjoy the validation of Chiropractic Philosophy with our Keynote Science Speaker: Bruce Lipton, PhD. Make informed choices on Vaccines: "Immunity and Chiropractic" presented by: Stephen Marini, D.C., PhD. Hear the ICPA Research Update with Joel Alcantara, D.C, ICPA Research Director.

Art: Multiple I.C.P.A. Technique Workshops including Webster Technique Certification. Plus special ICPA Family Practice Panel. Drs. Claudia Anrig, Tony Carrino, Jeanne Ohm, Carol Phillips, Armand Rossi and Jim Thompson.

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