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Chiropractic...a way of life for everyone

The Message Pure and Simple
If you call yourself a Chiropractor than this should be your message to the world
Dr. Robert W. Tarantino

The practice of Chiropractic is based on a Philosophy, Science and Art. This article focuses on the Philosophy, which governs the Chiropractor's practice. The Chiropractic philosophy recognizes that there is a controlling, intelligent force in the universe, which Chiropractors call Universal Intelligence. In living things this same force we call Innate Intelligence. There is no difference between these energies other than the place in which they exist. An analogy would be a wave in the ocean, an entity unto itself, yet being part of the larger whole, the ocean. Innate Intelligence is Universal Intelligence in living things. The practice of Chiropractic is primarily concerned with the human being, although all animals have been known to benefit from its application. I will relate to the human being in the following explanation. As a human being we are both ' human ' and 'being'. A well-known philosopher Mr. Edgar Cayce put it simply, “ As humans we do not have spiritual experiences but rather as spiritual beings we enjoy a human experience”. Chiropractors recognize the 'human' as the physical, the finite form of matter, which is born, lives a lifetime and dies. The 'human' has no function without it's inner 'being' which we recognize as an intelligent life force. Many philosophies and religions recognize this inner self as the true essence of the physical entity. In Chiropractic we recognize this intelligent energy as the Innate Intelligence of the body.

The human body possesses many systems and organs, the most important of which is the nerve system which consists of the brain, spinal cord and a multitude of nerves that connect the brain to every tissue and cell of the body. It is the most important system in the body because it is the first system to form, it governs the entire body during its lifetime, and it is the last system to stop functioning when the body makes its transition upon death. Chiropractors recognize that the Innate Intelligence uses the nerve system of the body to communicate its existence; thereby giving to the physical body all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

Chiropractic discovered that when a spinal vertebra moves out of its normal position interference to the nerve system occurs. The term Vertebral Subluxation is used describe that mis-alignment. Vertebral Subluxations were discovered to occur throughout a person's lifetime. Slight traumas or bad postural habits along with other harmful factors that occur on a regular basis throughout one's lifetime are their cause. It is accepted knowledge that all human beings have vertebral subluxation occurring regularly throughout their lifetime. Their presence in your spine continue to cause interference to the free flow of nerve energy; thereby interfering with the Innate Intelligence's expression within the body and causing the body not to run flawlessly the way it was intended to run; thereby making the body less able to live its life at full 100% potential. Vertebral subluxations cause interference to your the innate intelligence's control of the body thereby interfering with its full expression within your physical body.

Vertebral subluxations may also cause abnormal physical function of an organ or part of the body causing symptoms and sickness. The manual correction of the vertebral subluxation by a Chiropractor is called a Chiropractic Adjustment. Chiropractors, with a an adjustment remove interference to your nerve system thereby allowing the human body to express its inner potential more freely, resulting in maximum physical, mental & spiritual potential. With full expression of your inner self you will express more of the inner direction that ultimately will change the world to a better, more loving, more peaceful place in which to live and prosper. The term ‘being all you can be’ must include a nervous system free from interference. Chiropractic’s true goal is to change the world one person at a time. All people should have their spines checked on a regular basis throughout their lifetime for the presence of vertebral subluxations.

This message is vital to the future of the world’s population...tell it over and over and over again.

“ The resolve of the human being is best seen when being directs the human.
With hope that the world some day is inhabited only by the inner-directed...the
power of one...leading by example. “

If this is your message you should join us at a New Beginnings Weekend

by Dr. Bill Henry, Chiropractor

“You have been given a sacred trust, guard it well !”  This inspirational phrase is held dear by generations of chiropractors who share the vision of the Developer of Chiropractic.

Sometimes, however, the power and clarity of the original vision is altered as it is shared from one to another. Most of us have probably played the communications game of “Telephone” and some will remember its classic portrayal in the 1984 movie Johnny Dangerously starring Michael Keaton. The game begins with a few words whispered to another who has the instruction that he is to pass it on exactly as it was told to him. One would think that a few spoken words could be shared one to another without distortion, without alteration, without confusion. Alas, it does not happen. It is not long before one, in all honesty, repeats what he thought he heard and not what was actually said. Often, if it passes through enough people, the meaning and the actual words are not even close to the original. In the movie, it is a hilarious scene. In the classroom as a lesson in communication, it is funny and pointed. In a profession, it can be a disastrous wedge that splits people apart who truly want and yearn to embrace the vision with passion and to carry it forward into the next generation.

Chiropractic is like that---full of factions claiming to embrace the truth and fighting those who would vary from the line. Why, in a profession as glorious as chiropractic do we fight and bicker instead of embracing each other? We are taught that chiropractic is a Triune of Philosophy, Science and Art. It seems logical, at least to this author, that for balance and strength, these three would stand as an equilateral triangle. This strength would accommodate, if not embrace, growth and change while being truly supported by a very strong foundation. There is a saying that the only absolute is that things will change and yet, many stand staunch and powerful in the path of change and want to protect their interpretation of the word. And where, I ask, were they in line in the chiropractic test of “Telephone”?

I firmly believe we, as chiropractors, have a sacred trust and that we must guard it well. One aspect of this trust is that of brotherhood in a world where the understanding of the power of the human being as a self-healing, self-regulating entity (providing there is no interference to the neural and chemical communications) has been attacked long and hard by those who lack this clarity (both in and outside our profession). I am not a BJ Palmer scholar by any means, however, from what I know, BJ was an eclectic and a seeker of truth. His writings, over the years, demonstrate his chiropractic and educational evolution until his death. So many people who read the Green Books say BJ was ahead of his time and that it is so difficult to understand his printed word because the nature of the language was so different than that currently in use. If he was ahead of his time, then just how much clarity did his peers have of his teachings? Where were they in line in the Chiropractic version of “Telephone”, indeed, where are you?

It is my opinion that part of our sacred trust is to continue BJ’s quest and to embrace differences in our brethren as facets which, when put together, are all part of the whole. This is why I firmly believe in and support the growth and vision of New Beginnings where all are welcome to explore their profession as evidenced through our Mission Statement. “New Beginnings is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and perpetuating philosophically based principled Chiropractic without compromise, innately serving mankind, while enhancing the quality of life today, creating a healthier more perfect world.”

Join us in our pursuit of excellence where “being good is not enough when you dream of being great!”

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