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How we touch people’s lives with Chiropractic
Kristi De Saro, DC

Sometimes we touch people’s lives with Chiropractic and the results are glaringly obvious. In our office the patient that best fits this description is Walt. Walt is a patient that came into our office with a headache that had been present for the past three years. The headaches began after he fell off of a roof. The pain was described as sharp and constant. His response to the question, “What activities aggravate your condition/pain?” was “life” and his response to “What activities lessen your condition/pain?” was “death”. His life was being greatly affected by the constant state of pain he was in.

On exam we found three vertebrae in Walt’s neck that were out of alignment or subluxated. After his first adjustment, Walt’s headache went away for the first time in three years. The headache gradually came back and remised for the second time in three years after the third adjustment. After a series of adjustments the headaches became less intense and less frequent until he could go for a week without having any sign of the headache that once plagued his life day in and day out. Strictly speaking on a symptom basis, there was no mistaking the profound difference Chiropractic had in Walt’s life. It is also not hard to imagine that the relief that he experienced from these symptoms gave him a much different perspective and new lease on life.

There are also many times when the results are not necessarily so obvious. Scott came into our office with pain in his mid-back that went through to his chest. The pain was dull and intermittent and became worse upon movement. He had lifted up his son when he first noticed the pain. Scott had subluxated a vertebrae in his mid-back and because of the relationship these bones have with the ribs, his rib had also been misaligned. We began adjusting Scott three times a week to stabilize the area and restore proper nerve function to Scott’s body. Scott reported through the weeks that he felt improvement. He stated that the discomfort became less intense and less frequent but he still felt a tightness that was hanging on. We were getting progress but it was by no means the glamorous and showy results that patients like Walt had experienced.

You might say that Chiropractic was not as effective for Scott. That is, if Chiropractic was about chasing pain and symptoms. What we hadn’t heard from Scott was what his wife reported to us when she sought us out at a social event to personally thank us for the incredible difference that we had made in her husband’s life. She spoke of how before receiving Chiropractic care he would come home from work and be too tired or just not feel like playing with his two young children and how since being under our care he was like a whole new person. He is now a Dad who comes home and enjoys his family. She thanked us for giving him and his family a new quality of life. Scott still has some occasional pain and discomfort in his mid-back. What a wonderful thing it is that Chiropractic is about so much more.

Marguerite’s Story
In my 37 years of practicing Chiropractic there have been many wonderful stories of how Chiropractic has helped change lives...this is one such story.
Dr. Bob Tarantino Chiropractor

November 16, 1981

Dear Dr. Tarantino:

I am happy to submit the enclosed report that you may modify, edit and use in anyway that will be helpful. I shall always be grateful to you. Your knowledge and skill: your support, counsel and understanding have indeed given me a “ new lease on life”! Sincerely, Marguerite R. Doherty.

With the beginning of a new year, and for the first time in eight years, I am anticipating a new life with renewed faith in the “ helping professions”. All this due to Dr. Tarantino.

As I write this, I have no pain; this alone is a drastic change, having progressed and regressed thru the past eight years with severe back pain, weight loss from 140 lbs to 80 lbs, nausea, vomiting and three hospital admissions. Numerous lab reports, x-ray results, tests and a myleogram all revealed the following findings, “ unable to find cause of severe pain, all tests within normal range”. How could I possibly reconcile these findings with the severity of my pain and the way I felt: unable to sleep and eat and unable to continue employment in my professional field as a Licensed Pharmacist in Pennsylvania and New York as well as a registered nurse in those same states.

I felt totally unproductive at this time and as a self-motivated person found it increasingly difficult to cope and accept my situation. I refused to believe that with all of the professional expertise available that there was no one to help me.

I could not accept the air of finality of the numerous clinicians, specialists and consultants in a large teaching hospital, i.e. “ We are unable to find the cause of your pain, unless it is associated with nerve damage due to severe burns in 1945.”

I was always given a prescription for narcotics at the time of discharge, which offered some relief. In the meantime I developed and ulcer and a hyperactive thyroid which complicated the problem. Acupuncture and the TENS machine offered no relief.

At this point I felt that there was no help. I did not know where or to whom to turn. In severe pain and walking the floor I thought of suicide. I simply was not able to face a new day with no relief in sight. I was going “ down hill “ daily.

I decided to visit my sister in New Jersey who became frightened when she saw me and was insistent that I see Dr. Tarantino, a Chiropractor, who was treating family members and was highly recommended. They were certain that I could be helped. My response was “ lukewarm “ since previous experience with the Chiropractic profession had not been helpful.

I visited Dr. Tarantino and after the fourth adjustment I experienced the first relief in eight years. After twelve adjustments I was almost free of pain and reduced my narcotic medication by 80%. I returned to my home in Pennsylvania where I am continuing adjustments. I am certain that I will be pain free in time.

My attitude and personality has completely changed. I can function and am planning to return to work. My life is truly Worth Living.

The purpose of this narrative is not to down grade the medical profession but to emphasize the need for cooperation between all disciplines. The needs of patients are varied and complex. One discipline may not be able to meet a particular need of the patient. There certainly is room in this society for a multidiscipline approach to health care. Theoretically we have stated this and in selected instances some individuals and groups have attempted implementations. Initially, there must be recognition and acceptance of the worth of all disciplines. My experience with Dr. Tarantino has proved to me that inherent in Chiropractic practice, there is a body of very special and different knowledge that manifests itself in the skill of the individual practitioner.

Marguerite R. Doherty
Kunkletown, PA 18058

Chiropractic IS for LIFE!

Hi! My name is Frances Matt; I have been under chiropractic care by Dr. Sam for 24 years now. I am 79 years old. Before I got under care by Dr. Sam I was unable to walk, I was suffering for really bad pain in my leg, this was all the time. When I started with Dr. Sam he told me how the body is supposed to be able to heal itself, and I believed what he told me. Hear I am 24 years later seeing him once a week. I walk 2 miles everyday, my MD tells me when I go for my yearly, that whatever I'm doing to keep it up. I feel bad when I go see my friends who are younger then me in nursing homes. They still don't understand why I still see Dr. Sam, but I know everything Dr. Sam told me was true because, and this is not nice to say, but I'm not in a nursing home and I can walk 2 miles a day. Thank you, Dr. Sam, for being my friend for all these years and for you and chiropractic keeping me walking.

Mrs. Frances Matt
Parsippany NJ

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