The Light

By Robert Braile, D.C.

There were three men walking along in the desert. Suddenly, God appeared to the men. The men stood there in amazement. God then said to them, “Stretch out your hands”. The men held out their hands and God placed a glowing beautiful light into each of the palms of their stretched out hands.

The three men did not know what to do, but were in awe of the beautiful bright light put into their hands. The light made them feel calm and at peace, and added joy to their hearts. After a moment, God said. “Return tomorrow for your reward.” Then suddenly, God disappeared.

The men looked at each other, as they had not received any other instructions and were not sure what to do with the lights. They turned and went their separate ways.

The first man walked quickly home and immediately went into his basement. He opened a safe and placed the light in his safe and locked it up securely. He said to himself, “God gave me this light. It is important, and it must be kept safe until tomorrow. I shall keep it in here till then.”

The second man took his light home and was so amazed by its beauty that he decided to decorate it. He placed a prism by it so that colors were projected onto his walls. He placed mirrors near it to spread the light like crystal, and he placed colored glass over it to add colors. He said, “This adds to the beauty of the light.”

The third man did not walk home but rather went to the center to town. He showed his light to the first person he met and asked her to reach out her hands. He touched the women’s hands and suddenly there was a light in her hands, and now both lights were brighter than his was before. The third man then continued to stop every person he saw and touched their hands with the light. As he did they all received a glowing light and each time all lights were brighter.

The next day the three men returned to the desert where God had appeared. After a while God appeared again. The three men held out their hands with their lights. The first two men’s lights were dim and did not shine as the day before, for they had kept the light to themselves or tried to change it in some way. The third man’s light was even brighter and more beautiful than when God had first given it to him.

Holding their lights in their hands before them, the men then asked, “My God, what is the reward you spoke of yesterday.” And God replied, “You hold your rewards in your hands.”

We, in chiropractic, have been given a magnificent gift from God. It is the light of truth in the principles of chiropractic. We can not improve its principle, nor should we lock it away and keep it to ourselves. This gift can only become brighter when we share it with others. As we do, the reward that we receive from the light is in our hands.