The First Christmas by Bob Braile, D.C.

Nearly 2000 years ago the baby Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. This blessed event would have been looked upon quite differently if seen from a medical perspective. Let us examine the so-called "modern" thinking about this event.

What a big risk our Heavenly Father took when He sent His Son to us in the way He did. First of all, the Virgin Mary was much to young to bear such an important child. Plus, no tests were performed to see if she was even capable of carrying the child full term. Also, Mary was not adequately prepared. She attended no birthing classes, did not practice her breathing, nor did she read up on the birth process.

It should also be noted that some safety procedures were ignored during this pregnancy. I mean, no blood tests were done, no obstetric examinations, no ultra sound, or even the listening and monitoring of the child's heart beat. And surely, for such an important baby, an amniocentesis should have been done! Not even the proper regime of vitamins was given to the mother for her nutrition. When you think about it, we're taking a major risk here.

And just think of the terrible conditions for the birth itself. Certainly stable was not sterile. And with all those animals in the same room it's a wonder there wasn't a major infection. Not even simple clean sheets, or surgical masks for the three Wise Men were used. And I'm quite sure that Mary was not on the proper delivery table with her feet in the stirrups.

If that's not bad enough, common medical practice was ignored from this point on. Certainly an important woman like Mary should have been given some pain relievers or a spinal block to help ease her discomfort. Of course an episiotomy would have been called for to help out. I'll bet that a set of clamps weren't even available in case of need. Not to mention the lack of fetal monitoring equipment in case an emergency cesarean was required. I mean this whole procedure sounds like a nightmare.

From there on it still got worse. No surgical instruments to cut the cord, no silver nitrate for the baby's eyes, no fetal intensive care units, no alcohol rubs, no temperature control cubicles, no suction of the child's nose or throat, none of the modern safety precautions that should have been used.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced this entire procedure was a menace to the mother and child. Someone should be liable for mal-practice in a case like this. With the state of things as they were, I'll bet the child Jesus never even got His required vaccinations!

I don't know,... but if it were up to modern medicine, this should have been done much differently. God sure took a big chance.....

... or maybe we need to rethink the things we think are necessary and stop interfering with normal God-given miracles.