Tuesday, January 16, 1996

To: Classmates NYCC class of 78

Dear Classmates,

I had an unusual day today at Life College. For over an hour I was able to regress back to my student days at NYCC. I felt fear, anxiety, laughter, and love all in a one hour period. You see today I had the privilege of sitting in on the first class given by a new instructor at Life, Dr. Donald Gutstein.

Yes that’s right! After 8 year of being away from teaching at a chiropractic college Don is now full time faculty at Life. Not only is he faculty, he is the department head of physiology. He has already shook up his physiology department by insisting that all classes and labs have chiropractic implications taught every session.

But today for me was special. I had the rare opportunity to see him work his magic over an unsuspecting group of first year students. I got to sit in the back and see him play the class like a fine virtuoso. Although at times the class was unsure of whether or not to be terrified, I found myself grinning endlessly as the memories poured over me like syrup. I knew that the method to his madness was all in an attempt to produce good chiropractors.

At times my eyes were filled with tears as I watched the master perform at the front of a class in ways I only wish I could. His mastery reminded me of being a new chiropractic student and watching a "real chiropractor" give adjustments. I was in awe. The emotion of such a moment was beautiful. It delights me to no end to know chiropractic education has come full circle.

I had the privilege of introducing him to his first class. I felt there should be some marking of the moment when he was to start his return to teaching future chiropractors. I did not want the moment to just begin with the students thinking this was merely another science instructor. Silly me, for after a few moments of listening to Don, no one would make such an assumption.

Just prior to him addressing his class I asked him if he was excited. After all it had been 18 years since I remembered him in a classroom. With a gleaming light in his eyes, and a grin of a child, he turned to me so as not to have the class see and replied with a resounding YES! It was wondrous to see the energy and youth pour out of Don as if not a year had passed since our school days.

I consider myself fortunate to have been included on many eventful moments in chiropractic’s history. I have seen many things and been many places. And although Don’s return to the classroom will not get the fanfare of many other events I’ve been privileged to be involved with, to me it was none the less significant.

If you want you can reach Don at Life College, Department of Physiology.


Bobby Braile, D.C.