Actual ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes

The following are actual code found in the ICD-9-CM coding system. These codes are available for doctors to use to be reimbursed for procedures performed for these diagnosis. The "V" and "E" codes deal with survey and causation when used. It is apparent from this that the Chiropractic profession should adopt our own unique coding system.





Q fever

When a member of the "Continuum" gives you a cold. (Trekies should know this.)


Misery & unhappiness disorder

Not depression, just someone having a bad day.


Identity disorder

Something a lot of chiropractors suffer from.


Instantaneous death

No particular reason. Why this needs a code is beyond me.


Foreign body accidentally left during a surgical procedure.

They even have a code if they screw up and leave stuff in you during surgery.


Lack of Housing

They have a code for the disease called homeless. (What’s next a vaccine?)


Inadequate material resources.

Further described as economic problems. Hmmm, a code for those who actually have the disease of not having enough money.



But there’s a different code if you only having marital problems - V61.1


Healthy person accompanying sick person

Beware if you’re health and take a sick friend to the doctor. While your in his office he has a code for you and may try to make a few bucks off of you.


Railway accident involving collision with other object

AKA Amtrak syndrome. I guess its a different code if the train accident doesn’t involve another object.


Fall in, on, or from aircraft.

Like the injuries are the same if you fall in a plane as opposed to from one?


Accidents involving spacecraft.

An everyday occurrence, they really need a code for this one.


Accidents involving cable cars not running on rails

It must be a different code if they are on rails. Somebody actually thought this up?


Accidental fall into well

Happens all the time.


Accidental fall from cliff.

As opposed to the injuries you may get if it was on purpose.


Assault by firearms and explosives.

They have even gone so far as to elaborate. 0= handgun, .1= shotgun, .3= military rifle, .5= antipersonnel bomb


Injury due to legal intervention by firearms.

Obviously the type of injuries you receive from firearms are much different if its legal as opposed to illegal.


Legal execution

It further says. "All executions performed at the behest of the judiciary or ruling authority (whether permanent or temporary) Just what is a temporary execution?


Injury due to war operations by nuclear weapons.

It goes on to add such as "blast effects" and "Fireball effects". In a time like this it would be real important for the doctor to have the right code so that he can submit the proper bills to the insurance company that has just been nuked!


Injury due to war operations by lasers.

Medicine looks to the future. Dr. McCoy will never have to worry about getting his insurance checks.