What’s Possible

President’s Message
Robert Braile, D.C., F.I.C.A.

Recently, while I was in Miami attending a DE meeting, I took a drive to a place in Homestead Florida that I had visited several time before. I made this trip again to see something that defies logic and explanation. What I went to see was the Coral Castle. I went there to see, and be reminded of what’s possible.

For most of you who have probably never heard of the Coral Castle, I will explain. The Coral Castle is a little known, scarcely visited tourist attraction. It’s not a palacious mausoleum, or a magnificent array of high tech special effects. What it is, is a courtyard and structures built entirely out of coral rock carved from the earth. The coral blocks weight from one ton to over 18 tons. What makes this structure so fascinating is that it was build by one man, by himself, without any machines or equipment.

This one man, Ed ___ , a poor immigrant from _____ built this entire structure, moved all the coral rock, and assembled these stones into buildings and displays all without a single motor, machine, electricity, or help of any kind. All he apparently used was winches, chains and pulleys he assembled from parts of model T Fords. You see Ed built these structures in the twenties and thirties. He was not a big man, standing at just about 5 feet and only slightly over 100 pounds. He lived by himself and never let anyone see him work.

Upon further investigation of the Coral Castle, researchers have found Ed had an amazing knowledge of many subjects he should never have had access to. He constructed a rock sundial, that not only gave the time but also the season. He constructed an extremely accurate rock telescope facing north. And he created a arch-like structure with circles on it. Scientists have now discovered that by using advanced mathematical equations on these circles you get information such as the diameter of the earth, and the distance from the sun. Many of the dynamics and math of these structures is similar to other structures on earth such as the great Pyramids and Stonehenge.

What Ed did was to accomplish something that science, and reason can not yet explain. Ed knew something that the rest of us have yet to discover. He did what he did without waiting for consensus or validation from others. He stretched the limit of "what’s possible" and accomplished something the rest of us never imagined.

DD Palmer stretched the limits of what’s possible when he gave the first chiropractic adjustment and started this thing called chiropractic. B.J. expanded what’s possible when he further defined the profession and created the ICA. Dr. Sid Williams pushed the envelope of what’s possible in creating the largest chiropractic institution in the world. And each practitioner expands the concept of what’s possible every time they care for a new patient who is coming to chiropractic for the first time.

The only limits on "what’s possible" are those we place on ourselves. If we believe what’s possible for us is to have a large successful practice, then that’s what is possible for us. If we believe we can change the world by telling the chiropractic story, then this is what’s possible and the result will be a changed world.

Man’s history is replete with examples of what’s possible. Man’s exploration of earth and man’s exploration of space, are a few examples. If a decade or so ago someone would have said what’s possible is that the cold war and communism would virtually disappear, I would have doubted them. But pictures of the Berlin wall being torn down clearly indicated what’s possible.

So what’s possible for chiropractic? Is it possible for our practitioners to be more accepted by the public at large? Is it possible that we can increase our market share until a majority of citizens utilize chiropractic care? Is it possible that chiropractic can become the primary form of health care world wide? Is it possible that we will need thousands of additional chiropractors to handle the demand for our services around the globe? Is it possible to pass favorable legislation to open up all insurance programs to chiropractic for all citizens? Is it possible for chiropractic to have its own unique guidelines for care, our own dictionary of terms, and our own unique exclusive complete set of codes to describe what we do? Is it possible to expand recognition and licensure world wide for chiropractic? The answer to all of these is YES!

We at the ICA not only believe these things are "what’s possible", but all of these things are actually on the table and in the process of implementation by the ICA. As you are reading this, the ICA is actively working on each of these areas and many others. From the formation of the Council on Chiropractic Codification, to the completion of the first draft of the chiropractic consensus practice guidelines, to the formation of the International Chiropractors Association Alliance of Nations, to public relations through the Alliance for Chiropractic Progress with the ACA and ACC, to the introduction of sweeping legislation, the ICA is attacking each area with a new positive mind-set of "what’s possible".

In reality, what’s possible is anything we set our minds and hearts to. What’s possible is for every doctor of chiropractic world-wide to be a member of the International Chiropractor’s Association. What’s possible is for us to change the face of the health care delivery system world-wide and from that the direction of mankind and planet. What’s possible you ask?... Everything!