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April 2006

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National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Needs Reform

There is a growing movement to reform the National Boards' governing structure. There are those who say that the NBCE structure is more about protecting the influence and privilege of a few than about its mission to offer states easy and consistent testing.  There are also those who have felt that the NBCE is using its testing to steer chiropractic education according to their agenda and in the direction that their protected leadership feels the profession should go.

Now, from inside the National Board comes a call for reform and "open governance".  There is a cry by some to give an honest and open accountancy of the millions of dollars extracted from chiropractic students.  Presently the NBCE is accountable only to themselves.  There is no real oversight that can call the NBCE on the carpet and force them to make changes.  Even the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) is ultimately accountable to the US Department of Education.  However, the NBCE, with all their power and influence over the chiropractic profession's future, is accountable to no one!

Several letters and emails on this subject have become public.  In an attempt to clarify this issue several reformist NBCE board members have written a letter to explain their situation. Click there to read a very enlightening letter from Vernon Temple, DC of the National Boards.   Additionally, members of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) who are interested in open reform of NBCE have spoke out also calling for change.  Click here to read an email from Dr. Ron Tripp, FCLB District IV Director and President, Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

One of the reforms being called for is term limits.  Recently in response to this reform movement aimed at changing the long term board members of the NBCE, the board changed some of their by-laws to allow for term limits.  This would seem like a good first step, however, these term limits only apply to newly elected officers of the NBCE!  This means the old guard remain protected and will continue to hold their seats indefinitely so they can continue to dominate the vote on their well compensated board seats!

The NBCE has responded to these allegations on their website.  These responses can be seen at:




ICA Celebrates 80 Years

The International Chiropractors Association will be celebrating its 80th anniversary at a gala event in Washington on May 6, 2006.  The event will include a banquet and special presentations commemorating ICA's 80 years of service to the profession. Now You Know Inc. is a table sponsor at this event and we are planning to attend.

This event is in conjunction with the Chiropractic Coalition joint legislative day held on Thursday May 4th.  Hundreds of doctors and students are expected to attend this grass roots chiropractic lobbying event that is usually highlighted by appearances by Washington's most prominent leaders.  Click here to read more about the legislative day activities.

In the past 80 years the future of ICA has been in question several times.  On 4 occasions ICA has survived merger / takeover attempts as well as outside negative campaigns and internal issues resulting in near financial collapse.  Currently ICA is experiencing an upsurge in both membership and finances, and has a reason to celebrate successful momentum at this 80th anniversary

Now You Know is proud to currently provide the website presence for the ICA and has done so for the past 8 months.  The ICA website address is




A Clarification in Florida

Last month we reported on a story about billboards that appeared in Florida warning the public about unlicensed chiropractic activity. (click here to read that story)  In that story we printed an article we received in published form that we assumed was the official response from the Florida Chiropractic Society. This assumption was in error.

After the story was published it we were informed that the article was not an official FCS response, but rather a proposed article that was never sent to press by FCS. 

Dr. Sal LaRusso of the Florida Board was able to clarify this issue in his responses to our questions. (click here to read his answers to our questions)

It should be noted that Florida law requires that a certain portion of license renewal fees be used for public education about unlicensed activities.  The chiropractic profession was the only profession that used billboards, but all professions ran similar campaigns. Prior to the publishing of these billboards there was a long open period for comment in which groups could participate and make suggestions.  According to Dr. LaRusso, during this open process when changes could be made there were very few comments received.



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We at Now You Know continually review hundreds of articles on health and chiropractic in order to find the few that we write up for our patient email newsletter service. Each month there are always good health articles that do not make it into the NYK Patient newsletter that our subscriber's patients receive. Below is a list with links to these and other interesting health related articles. 




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