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2004 Road King Classic / 2006 Street Rod VRSCR
 2005 Sportster 883L / 2006 Sportster 1200R
Honda CRF 70F

Bob's trip to Florida November 2007, Billy riding bike.

Bob's trip to Florida Sumer 2007, at Dr Sal's office.

The newest addition! A 2006 Harley Street Rod.

Bob's new bike at Calumet HD in Munster IN


Fresh out of the box. Here is the new bike after the trip from Munster Indiana

This type of print is unique to the Street Rod.

Feels sooooo gooood!

Right on!
It doesn't suck!

With this bike, this is the view most will see as I blow by them!


Newest pictures of Bob's Harley.  Notice the new 59' type taillights and the air horns.

Even Uncle Billy gets into the Harley Act with his brand new 2006 Harley Sportster 1200R Roadster
More new pictures of all three bikes.  Yes yes, Nicole does not have one.  She's working on getting a car!!!

Hailey on her new bike

All smiles!

Not ready to ride, yet!

Christmas morning

All three bikes

Baby Bear

Momma Bear

Papa Bear

Spire on front fender

Notice the primary cover

Küryakyn bag

Blue side cover added

Chrome belt cover

Chrome Speedometer cover
Newest pictures of my Road King with new chrome.  
Here are pictures of Hailey at her Honda dirt bike training course.  She was one of three riders and the only girl.  It was cold that day but she never complained and had a great time!!!
Hailey dressed out for her dirt rider's course.
Hailey riding a slalom course.
Here she is jumping over a log.

 Evelyn took her test and completed her Rider's Edge Course and now is a licensed rider!

So now that she is a rider she needs a Harley.  Here she is  at the Harley dealer right after buying her new Sportster!

Larger Picture of Evelyn's new Sportster before I got to it and added chrome.


Does she look happy?  Below are the pictures of Evelyn's Sportster when we first got it home!


More Pictures of Bob's bike with Additional Chrome

Larger Pictures


Other smaller pictures


Larger Pictures


Other pictures


Larger Pictures



Ride to Florida November 2004


Other new pictures


Bigger pictures



Some new pictures, some new parts


With custom parts



Straight from dealer


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2004 Road King Classic - FLHRCI Specifications

2005 Sportster XL 883L Specifications
2006 Street Rod VRSCR Specifications

Bob's mirror project

Stock pictures from Harley

2004 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLHRCI ROAD KING. CLASSIC, 2004 FLHRCI What is it about chrome leather rich paint and whitewalls that get the blood racing is not known. But since they do we dialed them up to the max. The Road King. Classic. Check out the style of this touring rig. Full fenders. Laced wheels. Tank and fender emblems. Tooled leather seat and bags. Removable windshield. Giant headlamp. Despite the heritage this ain't your father's motorcycle. The Twin Cam 88. powertrain is modern Big Twin engineering at its finest. It's a sophisticated fuel-injected heat-managed marvel. The refined chassis makes the ride super smooth. There are generous footboards. New rear tire built to tackle more miles. Cruise. Nothing could feel better for a trip to the corner store particularly one in a far corner of the globe.