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Bob's Maxima

New Braile Chiropractic Clinic

2008 snow & motorcycle show

Assorted 2007 pictures

Hailey's 11th Birthday

Braile's at Motorcycle Show Feb 2007

Christmas 2006

Assorted 2006 pictures

Christmas 2005

Evelyn At Christmas Choir

Kids Fashion Show

Evelyn's new Harley

Migration of the Galapagos

Bob's new front porch

Hurricane Dennis Flood July 11, 2005

Hailey Movies

November 2004 & Yard Work

Duke and Jewel Mini Horses

Ev's new SUV and Mountain trip

Hailey's 8th Birthday

Assorted Pictures Summer 2004
& Nicole's 14th Birthday

Haley's Gymnastic Show

Tony's 81st Birthday

Bob's Harley Page

Home 2004 Yard Under Construction

Stone Mountain Jan 2004

Christmas 2003

Sea World 2004 with Kids

Summer Camp for Girls

January 5, 2003

Christmas 2002

Nicole at Band

Dr Bob at Ground Zero

Fall 2002 & Halloween

Tony & Joan's 50th at Disney

Summer 2002

Bob's Avalanche

Kids trip to KSC 2002

Hailey's 6th Birthday 2002

Nicole At Camp 2002

Rome 2002 with Bob at ICA

Easter 2002 and more

First Snow, January 2-3, 2002

Christmas 2001

Hailey Adoption Day

Bob's visit to Florida Dec. 2001

Home Pictures Fall 2001

Home Pictures Summer 2001

Nicole's Adoption and Disney 2001

Equitana 2001

Miscellaneous Home & Kids

Pictures of Our Animals

Trip to Florida With Kids 2000

Christmas 2000 Morning with Kids

A Snowy Day December 2000

Field of Dreams

Pikes Peak

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