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The following is a list of various writings of Dr. Braile on various subjects.

The Power That Made The Body, Heals the Body

The Light

Disease Mongering

Why Two (or Y2)

Science Vs. Faith

Gilligan the Tortoise

Making Them Wrong

Are PTs Stealing Chiropractic?

Chiropractic Causes Brain Damage

To Be, or Not To Be

Chiropractors Are an Endangered Species

Managed Competition

The Big Picture

The First Christmas

Reform or Refinance

Are Your Health Care Decisions Based On Fear?

Health Care Racism

The Big Picture

Let Innate Ring

Comical actual ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes

Eat Their Young

Full Spine X-rays

Letter about Dr. Gutstein

The Price of Health

It's Good to be the King

My Mission for Today

Patton's Chiropractic Speech

Health care Rackets

Still Free

Subluxations, How Dangerous?

The Integrated Practice

Uncle Tom's Chiropractor

What's Possible



Moving Ahead

Is The Multidisciplinary Approach The Answer To Managed Care?

Not The Only Game In Town

The Pride Is Back


R.I.P. - Straights & Mixers

Victory is Upon Us

We Were Right

The Difference !

Office Script



We Will Adjust You

Imagine - The Chiropractic Version

Old Time Toggle and Roll


Internet Articles


What Good Is The Internet?

2001 A Cyberspace Odyssey

Dr. Barge Joins Now You Know Inc. in Offering New Service

Using Information Technology in a Chiropractic Office. What would BJ Have Done?

Websites; It's About the Content

How Big is the Internet?

Building Your Practice With the Internet

Company Uses Technology to Spread Chiropractic Message